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There's no question that testosterone plays a major role in the growth and maintenance of muscle tissue, After all, why would some bodybuilders spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on steroids if testosterone were not a significant factor in muscle gains?

Natural athletes should not despair, however, You can make your body release testosterone naturally by performing two mass-building exercises: the squat and the power lifting-style dead lift. These movements should be the basis of your entire training program. You can achieve your goals in the muscle game without subjecting your body to the short- and long-term detrimental effects of steroids.

Scientific experiments have clearly revealed that the body releases a significant amount of testosterone when performing the dead lift and squatting movements. These exercises stimulate testosterone production because they are whole-body workouts, in which a critical mass of the body muscles must contribute to the effort. Unlike what happens in most exercises, in which only one or two muscle groups are in motion, the entire body moves. The involvement of so many muscles is what makes these exercises so difficult, but, then, that's why they work. No one ever said that muscle building was easy.

The Powerful Squat

The squat can be a very anabolic exercise, yet bodybuilders frequently perform squats with less than optimal technique, so they don't make the gains they could be making. The most common error is to place unnecessary strain on the lower back by leaning forward. When you descend into the squat position, your back should he perpendicular to the floor. While some forward motion is inevitable, you can minimize it by placing a board or weights under your soles since athletes are of different heights, the thickness of the weights that vary from five to 25 pound plates. Experiment and see which elevation works best for you.

Once you're in the squat position, think of yourself as a rocket. Surge upward with the force of a space launch, moving straight up and not forward. Push up from the soles of your feet, not just your toes. (This may seem like a small change, hut it can make a big difference.) Also, look straight ahead while you squat. Examine your technique in the mirror as you rise. Never look down, which can cause you to lean forward, or look tip, which can result in a curving of the spine. Furthermore, when you drop into the squat, make sure that your knees bend directly over your feet.

Practice this without weights at first until you get it right. Knee problems are not inevitable with the squat. They result from improper technique. Minimize the strain on this essential joint by always making your feet "disappear" during the movement. You can achieve this with a close or wide stance, depending on how you pivot at the hip.

The Mighty Dead lift

The power lifting-style dead lift is another potent testosterone releaser. In this exercise your legs are bent when the weight is on the floor. The initial movement is from the legs, which begin thrusting the body upward. This is very important. Sometimes novices start this exercise with their backs, which is a great way to strain your lower back and injure yourself. After your legs start the ascent, your upper body follows suit until you're standing upright with your arms straight and the bar in front of your quads.

Use a strap to help you grip the bar. This will let you focus all your effort on maintaining perfect form during the upward thrust. Your hands should only be far enough apart to permit free clearance of your legs during the ascent. Some bodybuilders use an over-under grip, with one palm facing toward the body and the other facing away. This is said to improve balance. Others find this position awkward and prefer to grip the bar with both palms facing the body. Use the position you find most stable, since that will let you direct all your energies toward the lift.

Try to hold your spine in a relatively straight position, without excessively curving forward or backward. Such curvature puts stress on the spinal column and can cause injury. This is particularly important at the top of the movement. Sometimes athletes rest at the top by leaning backward. Unfortunately, this also puts undue pressure on the spine, with potentially serious consequences.

Manipulating Hormone Release

Including these two exercises in your workout will stimulate major muscle gains. You'll achieve the greatest testosterone release when you're using weights that are 150 to 200 percent of your bodyweight. You'll have to work up to that weight, however, letting your muscles adjust to the ever-increasing loads without strain and injury. Patience is not only a virtue; it's a necessity for natural bodybuilders. In order to assure whole-body recuperation and to prepare yourself for the anabolic assault, take a day off from training before the days when you do squats and dead lifts. For example, if you use a four-day bodypart split, do a two-on/one-off rotation, performing the squat or dead lift on the first day back after your day off.

This will spread these testosterone-releasing exercises throughout the week, giving you the most even distribution of this essential hormone over time. Always maintain good form as well, since this will stimulate the greatest amount of muscle growth and ensure that you reach your bodybuilding goals without injury Aim for progressive resistance and enjoy the rock-hard results!

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