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December 16, 2013    review
manny "tonka" garcia   Age: 30

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... This is my second favorite supplement besides GAT's Nitraflex. I usually cycle the two."

July 17, 2012    question
fady   Age: 21

"... can i use hemo rage with weigh protein. i mean i will take hemo rage before work out so can i take whey protein after work out? or it will be harmful ?"


July 20, 2012
response by James

Yes, you should ALWAYS use a good protein supplement no matter what other products you use. Protien is the most important supplement as it is what actually helps build new muscle and repair the damage from weight training.

September 16, 2010    review
Shane   Age: 21

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I have been using this new version and find it pretty strong, which for me is a good think. The only other comparably pre-workout I can relate it to strength wise is 1MR product.. either one is great for good energy and pumps."

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Nutrex - HEMO RAGE Black Ultra Concentrate

Ultra Concentrate take the original Hemo Rage Black formula to the Next Ultra Level!

Nutrex research supplements have come a long way in terms of hardcore products, especially with Hemo Rage Black Ultra Concentrate! Coming off the heels of the great feedback and success of their Hemo Rage Black formula, the Ulra Concentrate packs a lot more 'pow' in each serving! Each and every super potent scoop is all you need to fuel your pre-workout requirements! The original and still very effective Hemo Rage Black formula has fifty six powerful ingredients, however the all new Hemo Rage Black Ultra Concentrate takes just the top seven of these pure and super concentrated ingredients to deliver a hard and fast effect! What exactly can you expect with Hemo Rage Black Ultra Concentrate?.. well let's say a boost in energy and focus for your workouts, incredible pumps which drive you to push harder and harder, blood-engorged vascularity to name a few. What will it lead to?.. well an improvement in your overall strength as well as muscle mass.. exactly what a real hardcore athlete trains so hard for day in and day out! So stop wasting your time and get started with Hemo Rage Black Ultra Concentrate today!

Pre-Workout Supplements to the Maximum with Ultra Concentrate!

More powerful and effective version of the Hemo Rage Black!

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