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March 31, 2017    question
Paramveer    Age: 17

"... My age is 17 years. I am planning to take Nutrux Lipo 6 black .So I will take this product or not. It cause side effects or not. According to my age shall I take this product or not.

March 29, 2017    question
Deepak   Age: 34

"... Hi... I am 34, i used Lipo 6 Black from 15 days and doing 1 time hard gym training, flowing diet plan but Inches reduce but weight not. "

January 3, 2017    question
Roko   Age: 29

"... Hi i am using lipo 6 black. And I am taking one casual per day before lunch. I am not doing fully exercise. Just doing abs exercise for half an hour at home only. Is that ok. And I am taking ghus from last pneumatic week. From yesterday I have stomach ache when I press it in side. Is thta because of pills. Please advise. Thanks a million in advance."

November 10, 2016    question
Anant gupta   Age: 23

"... I go to the gym in the night before going off to sleep. So when is the best time to take the pill?"


December 16, 2016
response by Richard

First thing in the morning when you wake up. It's not a pre-workout supplement, so it's fine to take it apart from your training schedule.

May 31, 2016    question
Ema   Age: 25

"... Hi admin .. can i take this pill when im period .. is it okay or has a side effect ..? "

May 30, 2016    question
Sara   Age: 21

"... Does lipo6 for her have an rxpiration date? After how many months does it expire?"

April 17, 2016    question
Ahmed   Age: 35

"... I bought to my wife lipo 6 black extreme and she afraid to use it can I use it . "

March 9, 2016    question
Rana    Age: 25

"... I consumed two pills one in the morning n one afternoon n i experience increased heart rate and respiratory irriattion! Should i stop?"

February 27, 2016    question
Gaurav    Age: 19

"... I am using this product(extreme potency) for one week. My trainer has advised me to take only one pill a day along with Liv up 52. I have lost 3 pounds. I workout 5days a week mainly cardio and abdominal exercise for around 2 hours. I feel it is not providing too much energy therfore yesterday I took 2 pills instead of one.... After taking it iI felt great energy and sweated alot I was able to workout close to three hours..... I discussed about this to my trainer but he scolded me for increasing the dosage. I have no health issues and can work really hard. Now please tell me what should I do,should I take 1 pill or can I increase my dosage to 2 or more and tell me the correct time to take it. It is also possible for me to workout 2 times a day..... Thank you. "

February 10, 2016    question
Manan   Age: 23

"... I am using lipo 6 black from past 2 days and mainting a diet i weigh 120 kgs and i dont havr my breakfast just luch and before going to swimming i consume a pill so how should i take the pills and in how much time it will show effect as i do 35 laps in 1 hour regular execpt for one day off so should i take the pill or not when i have a off "

February 9, 2016    review
Karthik   Age: 33

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I am using Lipo 6 BUC for a week now. I see great results. When you take this pills with GM Diet, it really shredded pounds very quick. I strongly recommend this product if you workout and diet while taking this pills."

January 14, 2016    question
payal   Age: 30

"... Hlo , m using lipo 6 extreme potency last 2 days ,
plz tll me m going right or wrong
in morning I go fr aerobics fr 45 mints , nd before having breakfast I take 3 pills nd aft half an hour I took breakfast , nd before lunch same 3 pills half an hour nd eat lunch nd aftr dat .I m following proper diet so plz tll me need to be Smthing change nd only take 2 tea with sugar free I whole day "

January 13, 2016    question
Brian    Age: 49

"... I bought this product However the bottle says lipo black maximum protency the bottle says 3 before breafast and 3 before meal but they have a white label stuck over it by the seller saying take only 1 before breafast and 1 before meal so now this is confusing so should I still take 3 and 3 thanks "

January 10, 2016    question
Cha   Age: 23

"... When should I take my lipo 6 once capsule only when I work out at around 6 pm? My trainer said I could take it around 1 pm but im scared I might palpitate at work or worse feel nauseous. When should I take it if I work out at night?"

December 24, 2015    question
y krishnan   Age: 27

"... i am male 27,getting good results from lipo 6..wanted to know whether it has any adverse effects on sperms,as we are planning for a baby now"

December 20, 2015    question
Alaa   Age: 34

"... Hi, im using Lipo 6 Black Extreme potency a week ago, 2 pills half hour before breakfast and 2 pills before my daily late launch, it says in the bottle instruction to take 3 + 3 as daily consume , im afraid to consume the maximum rate which is may cause intensive side effect,,, meanwhile only feel thirsty and inner heat and feel lose weight better...
1200-1500 calories daily intake diet and healthy food and 6 days per week workout since three months ago,,, got nice results and hope will progress better by using this supplyment,,, any help or advise regarding daily pills consume as 6 pills/ day or still as 4 pills/ day"

December 19, 2015    question
Mango   Age: 32

"... Hi, I've bought the new lipo 6 RX and this my second day to use it, I take it only in the morning b4 breakfast, and I'm on diet for almost 3 months and I've lost 17 kg, I'm taking this product to accelerate the result, my q is what if I remain to take the dose (1 pill instead of 2) as I'm a fraid of high heart rate? And if I'm going to take full dose in training days and half dose in rest days.. Is it ok??!"

December 6, 2015    question
Adam   Age: 38

"... I've been using LIPO6 black before 8 month. The capsules were black.
Now I bought new bottle. The bottele looks different and the capsules color is white! Is this original product. And how do I know if it is original?

November 23, 2015    question
anon   Age: 37

"... im using Lipo6-hers a month and half ago. am taking just 1 pill in the morning 30 minute before breakfast.
Exercise (cardio/gym) only the evening side 2-3 days a week.The result still great. I lost almost 10kg.
Now i am end of the 2nd month and only few pills left. Do i need to buy another bottle?"

November 16, 2014    question
Heno   Age: 39

"... i am scheduled for IVF so can i use lipo 6 black to lose weight while doing the procedure?"


November 14, 2015
response by Harold

Something you really should consult with your physician with rather than a message forum board.

September 27, 2015    question
pranab   Age: 25

"... i have completed one bottle of lipo6 blacck uc. now is it safe to go for another bottle and by the way i have to mention that i have seen a great difference in my weight in jst one month my weight reduced by 10kg in one month .pls help further"


November 8, 2015
response by Nick

If you continue to see results then continue the use. But, in most cases the effects will diminish after 8-10 weeks which is the point where you need to take a 6-8 week break to let your receptors recover. In that time, an all the time, stick with a good diet and cardio plan.

Remember, you can lose weight without any pills at all if you have a strong enough will power.

September 27, 2015    question
Michelle   Age: 30

"... What happens if I am not able to workout after taking a pill of Lipo6?
Will it have negatice effects ?"


November 8, 2015
response by George

Nothing will happen, you can take these WITHOUT working out as well. But for those that do train 4-5 times per week, be sure to take these daily as suggested on the label.

September 26, 2015    question
Dxtr   Age: 23

"... Hi, I am using this product I want to ask that bottle says 60 cap and my bottle is almost finished, and bottle says that it should not be consumed more than two months , so after this bottle do I have to buy another one ??"


November 8, 2015
response by Kent

Take is for as long as you continue to see results.. which usually peaks at 2 months. After that, take a break as you won't get the effect no longer. Stick with a good cardio and diet plan and you'll make excellent results. Be strong and truly commit to the results.

September 4, 2015    question
gaurav   Age: 24

"... I m started using lipo 6
I m taking one pill in the morning half an hour before workout in the gym
my trainer said that only one pill n no more extra
can I ll increase my pills to lose fat faster
or is it necessary to eat a pill before workout only"


November 14, 2015
response by Peter

Unless you have side effects, take the max on the bottle. That is the reason for the instructions, to follow them. But, unless you follow a good diet plan you'll never see any results from it.

August 21, 2015    question
Rakshith   Age: 28

"... Sir i am using this product from past one week . And i am going gym for 2 hours dails.and i taking morning breakfast -bread. Afternoonb-chaparhi but i am not getting any changes in my body pls confirm how many days is required to get changes "


August 26, 2015
response by Peter

You are not training correctly for the 2 hours.. and the diet is not good enough. Remember, eating healthy is hard. Put your mind to it and get it done.. it is up to YOU to make the results.

August 15, 2015    question
Priyanka   Age: 25

"... I have used this product and got great result however after child birth I want to start taking it again and get back to how I was as I have a project lined up in a month but I am breast feeding my baby is there any safe dosage I can follow and get results please help ."


August 26, 2015
response by Taylor

I would avoid it while breast feeding. Remember, losing weight is 90 percent diet so start with that.

August 13, 2015    question

"... Hi.... I m Sujit. 4months ago I have weight-114, height-6ft2inch I would lost weight 10kg with my diet plan & hard exercise. Now I have 105 kg. My gym instructor advise me to use lipo 6 black. Tomorrow mean (13/08/15) I bought lipo6 black & today I have started it. I take 1 pill in the morning 40 minutes before breakfast. I want to 20 kg weight loss. I use it only for weight loss normally not for body building. Please advise me to use this. Only one thing is , is this product good for women's. I will be waiting for your answer. Thanks I will grateful to you...."


August 26, 2015
response by Nate

Just follow the directions on the bottle and stick with a good diet and exercise plan, you will be fine.

August 8, 2015    question
Ravi vishnani   Age: 27

"... Today i purchased lipo 6 black so can i take it before breakfast means empty stomach it is k"


August 26, 2015
response by Harold

Yes, empty stomach before breakfast is the best way. Be sure to exercise right afterwards or eat something healthy within 30 minutes so you don't get dizzy however.

July 21, 2015    question
Ayesha Waheed   Age: 33

"... My hubby took the capsule
now its best before 6th mnth of 2015
but its 7 mnth z running.
can i start that bottle.??
Is that expire or i use that?? "


August 26, 2015
response by Ripper

You'll be OK. Usually these products are good for a year at least past expiring date as long as they are kept closed and out of sunlight or direct heat.

July 15, 2015    review
johnny    Age: 22

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hi admin, just wanted some advise on the routine I should go by I am currently 248 pounds and would like to become more healthy and confident.
So if you could recommended me a basic routine of exercise I would be very great full ;) thank you "

July 3, 2015    question
kapish   Age: 30

"... I HAVE bought lipo 6 black how much gap i should take taking a pill before workout."


August 26, 2015
response by Shane

I would say 20-30 minutes. Do drink PLENTY of water as well.

June 11, 2015    question
Luis F   Age: 24

"... I've used lipo 6 black in the past having EXCELLENT results. 2 weeks ago I started its use again, combined with 3 miles a day run and NO fried food. I'm disappointed because i can't even feel the thermogenic effect or anything whatsoever. In the past it helped me in all aspects: more energy, heat feelings, less hunger but this time nothing. Last time a used it was 9 months ago, does that have anything to do with it? by the way I'm taking 2 pills a day. "


June 13, 2015
response by Paul

Might be a variation of reason.. you're older now, different formula, different starting weight, etc.

Key is to stick with it.. nothing comes in 2 weeks.

June 6, 2015    question
Shubham   Age: 19

"... I'm using lipo 6 from yesterday .. What diet should i take or which type of diet and timings should i follow please tell me ... I take it pills once in morning just before workout nd one before half and hour of lunch... And also please tell me wch workouts should i do ..."


June 14, 2015
response by George

Well you are doing it backwards. To lose weight, you FIRST need to follow a weight loss diet and exercise, THEN you add a fat burner. Using a fat burner will do pretty much nothing unless you do the WORK.

Cut your carbs. Eat 5-6 small sizes HEALTHY meals each day. Exercise or do cardio 5 days a week. Stay away from sugars, fried or microwaved crap.

May 24, 2015    question
Kumar   Age: 21

"... I've been using lipo 6 for about a week and i feel so much energetic than before. But I have not lost any weight. Where am I going wrong ? I am going to gym daily and working hard. Also my calorie intake is about 1200 per day. And I heard that drinking cinamon with honey in warm water will aid in weight loss. Can I combine it with this ? "


June 26, 2015
response by Drake

You are not losing weight because you are not dieting correctly or exercise correctly.. simple as that. It hurts to lose weight, it really does take a lot of will and sweat. Crank it up a notch and you'll be ok.

May 12, 2015    question
azhar   Age: 25

"... can a girl eat lipo 6 black or it will be harmful for her ????"


June 26, 2015
response by Quinton

Of course, this can be use by both men and women.

May 4, 2015    question
Omer Khan   Age: 25

"... I bought lipo6 black ultraconcentrate i need to know, can i take it empty stomach before workout "


June 26, 2015
response by Milan

Yep.. but if you get too dizzy then don't do it again. Everyone reacts differntly so try and see.

April 29, 2015    question
Trivs   Age: 28

"... I have been using this product for almost a month and lost almost 9lbs. I am taking the recommended dose of 2 pills in a day and follow 4 days a week workout schedule and diet plan as recommended. The one thing i really feel that i am always thirsty and often feel a bit high while on these pills. Is it normal?"


June 26, 2015
response by George

Congrats on the weight loss success!

Yes, when taking these pills you must drink ALL THE TIME.

March 27, 2015    question
CC   Age: 30

"... Hi..been taking this for a week now. I have excercized 4\7 days. I haven't lost any weight. DO I need to work out everyday to see results? Dieting as well "


March 28, 2015
response by Peter

If you are NOT making progress, you need to work HARDER.

Most people think it's just A+B=C, yet they really have no idea how hard it is to lose weight.

4 days a week is enough, but instead INCREASE your intensity. 45 second rests between sets. Also watch your diet MORE. Cut out sugards and most carbs after 7pm.

Listen, you should be losing .05 to 2 lbs per week if you are WORKING hard enough.

If it was easy, everyone would be skinny right?

March 16, 2015    question
rajat anand   Age: 19

"... i take lipo 6 black 1 year ago ...i have lost the i don't know the expiration period...what is the expiration time..?? "


March 17, 2015
response by Mike

You are usually ok for a year after the seal has been open IF you have left in tight closed and in a dark shelf out of heat or sun.

February 15, 2015    question
Subhav   Age: 15

"... Hi can I use lipo 6 black because I am 15 and fatty also. Just asking if it will damage my body. I go to gym and having a good diet also. If not is there any other fat burner I can use at this age."


March 31, 2015
response by Orion

You should be ok at 15 but start with the lowest dose. IT WILL NOT MAKE YOUR BURN FAT unless you clean up your eating and start some exercise or cardio work - daily.

February 15, 2015    question
jim   Age: 31

"... I open the box and the capsules are greenish not black.
is fake or its ok???"


March 31, 2015
response by Neil

Best to call the manufactured (NUTREX) to make sure. They often change the color of the capsules.

January 19, 2015    review
roshni   Age: 23

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Lipo6 black works really well for weight loss and I want to cintinue using it but problem is I'm getting a lot of acne because of hormonal changes caused by lipo6 black what should I do I really want to continue with it but skin getting worse "

January 7, 2015    question
Stormy   Age: 19

"... I'm 4'10" and 123 pounds. I plan to lose around 10-15 pounds. How long should this take if I start this supplement tomorrow? I need to lose about 10 pounds in a month. I don't eat very much but I don't exercise like I used to."


January 18, 2015
response by George

If you want to lose 10 lbs in a month you need to actually diet and exercise along with this supplement. It doesn't do the work for you, but it helps a lot when you combine all three factors.

January 7, 2015    question
Stormy   Age: 19

"... Is it safe for women to use Lipo 6 black instead of the hers? "


January 18, 2015
response by Rick

Yes, it's all the same formula essentially.

January 2, 2015    question
garnet   Age: 31

"... hi everyone i just want to ask if my lipo 6 black is still safe to take because the capsule is already deform. but the expiration date in the bottle is 2016 of december. is it still safe to take or i need to buy a new one?"


January 21, 2015
response by Nick

Was it left in the sun? Why has it warped. Without actually seeing it or getting more info, I would suggest to stay away from it. Boost your cardio and watch your diet and you can easily lose 1-2 pounds per week without the expensive pills anyways.

December 7, 2014    question
Nicole   Age: 22

"... My cousin left an opened bottle of lipo 6 black hers one year ago but its expiration date is on March 2015. The cotton inside is blue and my hands also get blue when I take a pill. Is it safe to take them?"


January 25, 2015
response by Derek

Nope, these are done. Buy new ones are follow a diet to lose the weight instead. Best of luck Nicole.

November 15, 2014    question
MD   Age: 17

"... i am 17 and i planning to use Lipo 6 black and i want to know if its safe and how much i should eat a day "


December 2, 2014
response by Nick

You should eat 4-6 small meals per day, or snacks. The key is to EAT to keep your metabolism burning fat. never stop eating, as this will trigger your body to STORE fat.

You can use this, start with the lowest dose and slowly work up.


December 10, 2014
response by MD

but its safe i am 17??


December 10, 2014
response by MD

and how much i should run i can only work out 4 days a weak because i work so please let me know and how much i should run


December 10, 2014
response by MD

also can i know every how long i should take one

November 12, 2014    question
Shaun   Age: 36

"... Can i take lipo 6 black just before a workout"


December 2, 2014
response by Shane

Of course, it's a great energy booster.

October 18, 2014    question
Tultul   Age: 31

"... I m a nursing baby is 3months lipo 6 black is good for me?is it harm my baby through brestmilk?"


December 2, 2014
response by Ken

I wouldn't take the risk, instead watch what you eat. I know as a mother you don't have very much time to exercise, but you can decide what you put in your mouth.

October 30, 2014    question
sam   Age: 17

"... hello i am under 21 years of age my age is 17 so it is save for me my regular diet and protien is also in god way so pls tell me


October 30, 2014
response by Dru

This fat burner should NOT be used by teenagers. To lose fat, eat CLEAN and exercise 4-5 days a week. Stay focused on your goal and you will reach it.

September 15, 2014    question
ahmed   Age: 19

"... i will take it from tomorow i need know what is the better with diet and lipo is the excersices or runing cuz alot ppl told me better for me run not Gym im19 years old now.


October 30, 2014
response by George

They are both similar. Main things is to follow a good diet and exercise plan otherwise these products won't do much at all in terms of weight loss. Make it a lifestyle change.

August 29, 2014    question
Bondok   Age: 37

"... Hi ..I'm a male i have just started the lipo 6 ultra concentration , with a diet mainly veg and fruits , am going to GYM daily , was wondering if i can use protein shake with this product ?! i.e. pre-workout / post workout ?


September 13, 2014
response by Paul

You can use any healthy supplement with this product, especially protein which is the most important.

July 31, 2014    question
khaledbadr   Age: 29

"... Is it okay for men to use LIPO 6 the hers??"


August 7, 2014
response by George

Of course.. works fine.

July 12, 2014    question
pranav99   Age: 18

"... hey i'm 18 years old and want to lose some belly fat,i just wanted to know if at all i can take nutrex lipo6 BLACK? as it says its not at all intented to be used by guys under 21 years of age.please help i wanna know if i can safely use it and if not then what is the next best fat burner for me to take? and yes i do follow a clean diet and work my tail off... help!!"


August 7, 2014
response by Sugar Ray

Yes you can take it to help you drop a few extra pounds.. just be safe and follow the directions. Good luck to you!

June 3, 2014    question
nouran jamal   Age: 25

"... Hi I wanna lose around 15 kg so I got clen 40 mg I will take one pill per day am a girl I wanna know is there any diff to take lipo 6 black ultra for her or for men coz I guess the one 4 men is stronger and I do work hard at the gym if u could please answer me :) "


June 7, 2014
response by Nick

Clen is illegal and extremely dangerous, regardless of what your internet buddies write. It has permanent effects on your vision and heart in the long-term.

Stick with a healthy diet and exercise, it's really that simple unless you are lazy.


July 31, 2014
response by

Is it okay for men to take lipo 6 for females??

June 3, 2014    question
Bader Almansour   Age: 29

"... Well i'm taking lipo6 black for days now feeling great but i wake up at 11:00 am
I take 3 pills 30 min befor lunch and took 3 pills at 2:00 pm my workout start at 3:00pm
I do curcit training so is it ok window between to dosage like 3hrs or 4hrs is it safe? Or advice ? Working shifts and that's the only time i could wake up at "


June 7, 2014
response by Joey

Yes, if you can handle it without and sides and you like the results, you are OK.

May 14, 2014    question
Donna Gabriel   Age: 30

"... Hi, is this LIPO 6 HERS safe to use for those with Mild Fatty Liver? tnx a lot"


May 16, 2014
response by Roger

Something that needs to be addressed by a professional, not a fitness forum. See your doctor if you are truly concerned.

March 25, 2014    question
Shabab   Age: 21

"... Brother I am on this fatburner for the last two days with a hardcore workout. On the second day I injured my leg in the gym. So on the third day when i understood that i cannot work out that day, so i did not take the pill, but i continued my diet the same way.

Will a day gap affect the course?"


April 18, 2014
response by Mason

No difference. But try to take it daily from now on. Stay on a good diet to help with the weight loss.

March 17, 2014    question
Jorge   Age: 19

"... Im taking lipo 6 black ultra concentrated does it matter if I am under 21, because I read that I have to be 21?"


March 23, 2014
response by Susan

At 19, you're ok. Just start with the lowest dose and SLOWLY work your way up - if you feel any side-effects discountinue use.

Remember, the best solution for weight loss that works and is healthy is DIET AND EXERCISE.

March 12, 2014    question
sarah   Age: 26

"... I am interested in taking lipo 6 but I have low tolerance for high caffeine, does this give high jitters etc. I also had gastric sleeve surgery 1 year ago ive lost close to 90 pounds just a lot of deeply stored fat left over is this a good supplement to help with that? "


March 23, 2014
response by Peter

If you don't do well with STIMS then this product is NOT FOR YOU. You can try it at the lowest dose to see if you can tolerate it - but odds are it won't be what you are looking for.

If you want weight loss, why not just diet and exercise?

March 9, 2014    question
john   Age: 22

"... Hey..I m using lipo 6 black UC from the past 4 days..I wanna know that does this product help me to reduce face fat and and if yes in how much time?"


March 23, 2014
response by Peter

Yes it will help but ONLY IF YOU FOLLOW A GOOD DIET AND EXERCISE PLAN. Remember, you can't just take a pill and expect it to do all the work for you - if that were the case then EVERYONE would be skinny right?

March 8, 2014    question
need answers   Age: 36

"... I am 5'2" 110lbs, I started taking Lipo 6 black hers 1 week ago. I have taken different supplements such as Oxyelite Pro and Hydroxycut with no results.I would like to drop 5-6 lbs. I run and do Pilates on a regular basis but am wondering if and when I should see results. I take the recommended dose of 1 in the morning and 1 in the early afternoon. I also take 2000mg of niacin. "


March 23, 2014
response by Adrian

To lose 5-6 pounds, you can easily watch your diet for 2-3 weeks to lose that with EASE - just use will power.

November 13, 2013    question   Age: 28

"... i have recently started lipo 6 black today is the 3rd day.I feel lipo 6black is making me more excited. yesterday after urinating. i had to go to the bathroom felt like i need to do more went in the bathroom i had sperm coming out rather then urine bit worried can you enlighten me please. thanks "


December 24, 2013
response by Nicholas

Yes, you will experience more excitement and energy with this product. It has nothing to do with more sperm, you need to stop surfing adult content.

December 9, 2013    question
maxx   Age: 23

"... Im a bigger guy about 350 pounds is this supplement good for me to take to drop some pounds? ?"


December 24, 2013
response by Peter

Sure but what will really make the difference is following a low calorie / carbohdyrate date and getting in your daily exercise and cardio.

December 2, 2013    question
hks    Age: 18

"... the supplement has only 1 month to expire date , is it safe to use? plus i do not eat much is it harmful?"


December 24, 2013
response by Rupert

Yes, absolutely. It usually is ok 6-9 months after the expiry as well.

November 27, 2013    review
sarah   Age: 22

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... hii my wight was 107 kilos this is the second month for im on a diet when i started using lipo 6 i lost 8 kilos now im 98 kilos and i feel happy and more healthy i still using lipo 6 because its helps me control my hunger and i do for 1h sport almost every day"

November 18, 2013    question
Harriet   Age: 21

"... I was suppose to purchase lipo 6x as I have used it before! But I was sent Lipo 6 Black! Is this safe for women to take? "


November 30, 2013
response by Paul

Yes, just follow the directions and listen to your body.

November 8, 2013    question
Subhradeep   Age: 28

"... I am down by 5.2 kgs in 5 weeks. Right now I am taking 4 capsules a day (2 in the morning and 2 in the evening). When I work out, (jump or run sprints) my abs show. But Normally they dont. Do I need to increase my dosage to incenarate the layer of fat that is hiding my abs. Or do I need to follow a specific diet? Please suggest. Thanks a lot in advance. "


November 14, 2013
response by Paul

Congrats on the amazing results! Do not increase the dosage, the remaining factor is DIET. Diet alone can get you ripped, exercise and supplements are just the icing on the cake. Again, you need to clean up your diet to get to the final point. Eat 4-5 small meals per day, cut carbs after 6pm, avoid any processed or canned foods, sugars, sweet, etc.

You can do it!


November 27, 2013
response by Subhradeep

^ Thanks a ton Paul !!!

October 23, 2013    review
Subhradeep   Age: 28

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... 3 weeks completed. 4th Running. Adding immense cardio and diet plan to this. Down by 4.5 kgs in 3 weeks. 4 more weeks to go. Lets see what happens."

October 17, 2013    question
JMarie    Age: 23

"... I started taking Lipo 6 Black for her yesterday. So far i have not experienced side effects like i have with other fat burners (syndrex). However I feel like i am more hungry then usual and more hungry then i was when i was on syndrex. I thought the pill is supposed to cause appetite suppression?? Please explain, i am currently only taking one pill a day. "


October 19, 2013
response by Shane

Your appetite is already increase, this is natural and shows that the product is working. Just be sure to eat every 2-3 hours, small healthy snacks or meals. This will ensure you're always in fat burning mode.

This pill is NOT supposed to stop your appetite. That is the worst possible thing for weight loss, as you need to keep eating. If you stop, then your body goes in to defense mode and holds your fat and uses muscles for energy - bad.

September 27, 2013    question
Christina   Age: 35

"... I am started taking this product today....i was also talked into to purchase L-Carnitine.
Is it safe to use together?
Will using both enhance my results?"


October 2, 2013
response by Roger

I would stick without L-Carnitine at first. Start with Lipo 6, with the lowest dose and slowly work your way up. Until you stop experiencing results, don't add it in.

Remember, these products all work great but you need to follow a good diet plan and exercise routine to really shed the weight. There is no MAGIC PILL.

September 25, 2013    question
Subhradeep Das   Age: 28

"... I have been using this for the last 5 days, today being the 5th day. I am only taking 1 capsule in the morning 30 mins before breakfast. I will start with 2 from the 2nd day. I am keeping myself well hydrated, drinking 5-6 litres of water all through the day. No side effects as such. But thing is I am getting hungry every 2 hrs. I mean, bad hungry, I am eating in small amounts anyhow. Getting a little sleepy/ tired in the afternoon, but it passes in 2-3 hrs. One thing Im seeing is that during the evening my stomach becomes bloated with gas, everyday. IS it because it becomes empty due to digestion? I had fatty liver about 3 years ago, that wont be a problem right? Would the sleepy feeling wear off if I start taking one in the evening? Please answer."


October 2, 2013
response by Neil

Yes, the hunger means a faster metabolism which is part of what this pill does - so it's working. You should be eating every 2-3 hours anyways, to feed your body and keep your metabolism working. Small, healthy, high protein, low carb meals are perfect.


October 23, 2013
response by Subhradeep

Thanks a lot man

September 24, 2013    question
Matt   Age: 26

"... Im just started burning far since a month and i would like to know from you how many pill i have to take per day and when exactly !? My wieght is 90kg hight 170c and eat only to small meals during day"


October 2, 2013
response by Snoopy

The directions are on the bottle, simple as that. Don't try to change it - it won't make the fat shed faster.

Eat well, exercise regularly and see the results you want.


September 20, 2013    question
Mia   Age: 32

"... When i drink is it ok to give a break taking the pills for that day "


September 22, 2013
response by Nick

You mean alcohol? You need to be more specific.

If you mean alcohol then you're wasting your time with your weight loss goals. You have to give it 100% to really get any results out of it, a night of drinking will set your body and and progress back 1-2 weeks.

September 18, 2013    question
Marriam   Age: 28

"... I am using Lipo-6 Black and I am a female, is that okay?"


September 22, 2013
response by George

Yes, this formula is fine for both men and women. The female versions, FOR HERS, work slightly better for women but not enough of a difference in my opinion.

August 7, 2013    question
Lucky   Age: 20

"... I have started using Lipo 6 black since yesterday. I weigh 90 kg,5ft 9in tall. I have taken only 1 pill & I plan to take only 1 a day for 60 days. After 3-4 hrs of taking it I noticed rapid increase in heart beat and slight chest pain, lots of nervousness & anxiety. I visit toilet every hour to urinate. Increased heart beat worries me if I may have a heart attack!! Plz help.... And 1 more thing I consume 1 Clenbeutrol pill with this Lipo 6. I also drink lots of water...."


August 12, 2013
response by Drew

The urination is normal as the ingredients include a mild, natural diuretic. With regards to the heart rate, energy, etc that is also normal as you are introducing a power stimlant in to your system. Your body will adjust and adapt. If you feel unsure, by all means stop usage.

If you are taking clenbuterol, which is an ILLEGAL and DANGEROUS substance, then stop using any other fat burners or stimulants as you can cause serious damages.

I would also suggest to stop using Clenbuterol now.

If you want to get in shape, commit to a diet and exercise plan. Don't be lazy, make it happen safely and naturally.

July 10, 2013    question
Tarek   Age: 18

"... Hi, I'm 18 nd I started using lipo 6 black today and I bought the female one by mistake and I'm a male is there's any harm from using it?, nd if there isn't I'm 180 cm and 106 kg what's the right douse and the time I need to lose the extra weight ?? Thanks "


July 11, 2013
response by Simon

No there is no harm they are nearly identical. The right dose is the one found on the bottle, simply follow the directions and you'll be ok. Remember to get your diet and exercise right as well.

June 26, 2013    question
dinesh   Age: 22

"... Does lipo 6 black ultra concentrate helps to reduce the man boobs?? So for its excellent in stomach area!"


June 28, 2013
response by Judy

It will help reduce fat from your body but it cannot spot reduce. No supplements, diet or training program can spot reduce. Fat comes off the body evenly, just stick with it and you'll get the results you're looking for.

June 22, 2013    question
Abha   Age: 28

"... I m using LIPO 6 black for first time. I usually do exercise late in the evening. Please tell me when is the best time to take the pill. How long after meals i can take the Pill. I usually drink 3 cups tea. do i have to reduce them?"


June 22, 2013
response by Mikey

Some tea does have stimulants so it might affect it. Depends on your tolerance levels. I personally cannot take this within 4-5 hour of sleep time, otherwise I am up all night. You just have to try and see.

Remember, this pill works great even if you don't take it around your workouts - it's not required. First thing in the morning on an empty stomach is what has always worked best for me.

May 2, 2013    question
mneimneh   Age: 27

"... Is lipo 6 black approved by the fda and is it safe"


May 3, 2013
response by Paul

Yes, 100% safe, legal and very effective at weight loss.

April 22, 2013    question
Maeya   Age: 28

"... hello..i took the lipo6 black 4 days row..the good thing is fasten my metabolism but im always craving something to eat which not good,
after 30mins my nerves starting to shakes,i feel jittery, irritated,cold hands, nausea and weak and easily sweats me, maybe because of the hot weather here in philippines.i stop taking at the moment..i feel really sick..whats is your best advise?..."


April 23, 2013
response by Richard

Yes, an increase in metabolism will increase your appetite. THIS IS NORMAL. This means your body is burning fat.

Remember, you should EAT EVERY 2-3 hours to keep burning fat. Small, healthy meals or snacks. If you eat less frequently, your body will hold to fat and burn muscle - not good.

If you feel you have sweats or shakes, you can't handle the stimulants so instead stick with the lowest dose.

April 2, 2013    question
Tara   Age: 34

"... Hello, I am a 34 yr old female and Im deployed and the only thing that is available to me is Lipo 6 black. Is it safe for women?"


April 3, 2013
response by Paul

Yes it is, but they also have a specific Lipo 6 Black for Hers that works better. Either formulas are good.

Just follow the directions and if you feel the stimulant aspect is too much then cut back the dose. Also, be sure to drink more water than usual to avoid headaches or cramps.

March 27, 2013    question
Angelica   Age: 21

"... Hello again. Today is the 6th day taking Lipo 6 Black and I don't feel dizzy anymore. I drink plenty of water, diet and workout everyday. The first 2 days I couldn't sleep at night, but now I am sleeping normally.

I wanted to know after how many days should I expect results to start or begin? When I'll finish this month can I continue next month? Or, should I take rest for one month and then after that I continue again?

Thanks a lot! "


March 27, 2013
response by Jacob

Keep up the great work. You will start to see results from one week to the next. If you diet, exercise and supplements are perfect then you should be losing 1-2 pounds every week.

March 22, 2013    question
angelica   Age: 21

"... today 22/3/2013 i started taking lipo 6,i feel dizzy a little is it normal..should i continue normally??"


March 22, 2013
response by Joey

Hi Angelica, good question and quite common actually. You are dizzy because of the ingredients, you need to make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day with products such as this. When you are thirsty or dizzy, it is already too late and you are dehydrated. So keep an eye on that and you'll be fine.

March 1, 2013    question
Sophia   Age: 27

"... Hi :) Im a female 5'2" 27 was 208, already lost 53 lbs but went up 10lbs. Now I want to lose those 10 lbs plus 25 more a total of 35 lbs to stay on a healthy weight and Im thinking on getting Lipo 6 Black Hers but I would like to know if tanking whey protein would give me better results or what can I combine with Lipo 6 Black Hers, what I want is to something that would help me burn fat and give energy."


March 1, 2013
response by Jackie

Hi Sophia. Congrats on the weight loss to date, that is a tremendous accomplishment. Using this fat burner is an excellent choice and will help you with the final pounds.

To answer your question with protein, 100% YES! You need to eat every 2-3 hours and using a high quality protein shake is an excellent healthy choice. I recommend Optimum Nutrition.

That is all you really need. I can also suggest you add some Green Tea Extract pills or the liquid beverage as well as fish oils every morning and evening to help the process.

Best of luck and keep us posted!

March 1, 2013    question
Jessica   Age: 24

"... How many should i take a day for best results? "


March 1, 2013
response by George

Hi Jessica, simply follow the directions on the box. There is no special combination or different number to follow. For best results, be sure to watch your diet and include daily fitness.

January 25, 2013    question
varun   Age: 23

"... I have lower abs belly abs,Can i get the abs if i use it.Pls adive me if i have lipo6 black and on hydrobuilder together or lipo6 black and anabol"


January 25, 2013
response by Paul

Can you lost fat specifically from your ab area, no. That is impossible. When you lose fat, it comes off your body evenly. So for example, you cannot exercise your abs and expect to make the fat remove from there. Again, when you lose fat it comes off your body evenly, so you just have to stick with it until you are happy with your results. This takes time, diet, exercise and fat burners such as this.

Yes, adding a protein powder such as hydrobuilder is an excellent idea. Anabol is an illegal steroid and should not be used.

January 1, 2013    question
Suresh   Age: 28

"... I want to use this product. Are there any side effect of using Lipo 6 Black regarding libido. Also, in how much time will I get result if I use as directed?"


January 2, 2013
response by Ralph

No, it will not worsen your libido in any way. If you follow a proper diet plan, exercise plan and use this pill as directed you will lose 1 to 3 pounds per week, every week.

December 12, 2012    question
sam   Age: 23

"... i eat 3 times a day... with long gaps, i dnt have time to work out. there are many days where i dont even eat breakfast... is lipo 6 effective on these"


December 14, 2012
response by Jacob

You need to MAKE an effort. How much time do you spend on facebook? Instead, take those minutes and do some situps, pushups, walk up and down your stairs etc. There is NO EXCUSE.

You should eat 5-6 meals per day, every 2-3 hours. Even if it's a small snack like an apple or banana. This helps keep your metabolism going.

If you skip breakfast then your body is burning muscle instead of fat. Don't be lazy, have an apple.

November 15, 2012    question
Zhan   Age: 25

"... Hello! Is it OK to take 4 pills of LIPO6 once before the trainings starts 3 times a week?"


November 20, 2012
response by Sam

No, you should take this pill daily. It need to be in your system all the time to keep the ingredients and effects stable. So take it before workouts on training days, but also on your rest days in the mornings.

November 15, 2012    question
mNalik   Age: 27

"... Is this a fat burner or made for power and energy? If it is fat burner, how does it burn fats and which ingredients help it to burn fat?"


November 20, 2012
response by Helen

Yes, it has strong stimulants that will help you with focus and energy along with fat buring effects. The ingredients are on the label.

November 7, 2012    question
Feras   Age: 19

"... My weight is 330 pounds, and I am 182cm tall. I am starting this product tomorrow, and I have no idea what should I eat, do I still have to eat much food, even if I am 330 pounds?, and does it matter if I am under 21, because I read that I have to be 21?
Thanks "


November 12, 2012
response by Neil

Yes, to lose weight you need to eat 4-6 meals a day - every 2-3 hours. Small, healthy meals. This is to keep your metabolism moving and burning calories. If you stop to eat or wait too long between meals your body goes in to starvation mode where it HOLDS FAT and BURNS MUSCLE.

November 2, 2012    question
hany   Age: 24

"... hello, im male and im hear about lipo6 black my weight is 130 KG and my long 188

My food is not a lot, not more than eating sweets, but is my body nature
Do you advise me to use this product?"


November 7, 2012
response by Peter

If you wish to lose weight then you need to eat 4-5 small healhty meals per day, that is what increases your metabolism to burn more calories. Stop eating sweets, it does nothing for your goals.

Using this product will be a great help, buy YOU need to decide how much you want to reach your goal and adapt to it.

October 24, 2012    question
Ramy   Age: 25

"... Hi everyone, i've been using lipo 6 black for a week now. i started the first 2 days with a pill in the morning and another one in the evening, then 2 & 2 for one day. and now am using the maximum dosage which is 3 & 3. I don't workout that much some sit ups or push ups every now and then, but i play soccer in a regular basis twice a week for 2 hours each. since i started the dosage i feel when i start playing i feel very fast heart beats to the extent i have to rest for a while so i can breathe, though i used to normally play those 2 hours with full energy and without rest except for a few minutes of course. is these rapid heart beats normal while running ? "


October 24, 2012
response by Nick

Yes, the increased heart rate is due to the strong stimulants found in this product. If you feel it is too much then cut back to a lower dose where you feel more comfortable.

October 16, 2012    question
Nat   Age: 33

"... Could you take Lipo 6 BLACK for a straight period without taking a break from it? Let's say 6 months time?"


October 24, 2012
response by Trevor

No, because your body adapts to the ingredients and they no longer carry any effect. That is why you need to cycle it so that you receptors have a chance to recover and refresh for the next use.

October 4, 2012    question
ana   Age: 23

"... Is it okay if i take it even if i'm taking contraceptive pills?"


October 11, 2012
response by Dean

From what I have researched it is safe to use both at the same time. But it's never 100% so perhaps talk to the person or doctor that fills your prescription to make sure.

September 23, 2012    question
rick   Age: 29

"... I have been takeing lipo 6 for about 3 weeks now and the last 2 days my heart has been beating fast and even some chest pains could this be from lack of water and eating habits just eating whatever and not really eating right "


September 26, 2012
response by Tate

Are you at the maximum dosage? If so, you may be sensitive to it and you'll need to drop down.

August 21, 2012    question
Maria   Age: 19

"... This is my second day on the pill, what are some first day side affects?
Since I started taking it yesterday I feel "out of it" stomach sick, a little bit dizzy but mainly out of it at times. Is this normal? "


August 21, 2012
response by Joe

Have you taken the MINIMUM dose as is suggested or did you for some reason jump to the maximum dose? You need to make sure you eat enough and drink enough water while on this fat burner. It's a very powerful stimulant so some side-effects are very common - just comes with the territory if you're looking for supplement short cuts to weight loss.

August 7, 2012    question
Nikoletta   Age: 18

"... Hello, I'm currently using Lipo 6 Black for her and I was wondering if it is ok for me to take tylenol or midol to ease menstrual cramps while on the supplement. Please let me know, thank you. (:"


August 9, 2012
response by Teddy

Yes, Tylenol use is OK for short periods of time.

August 3, 2012    question
BiLaL   Age: 23

"... "I'm 5'7 227 lbs and I want to lose 67 pounds.I work out for 1 hour and 30 minutes a day (cardio) not weight training, 6 days a week.I will get my pills in two days(Lipo 6 Black). My question is how much pills i should take in a day and best timings to take pills ..... Thanks! ""


August 9, 2012
response by Greg

Follow the directions as listed on the label - don't try to change it. Slowly work your way up to the maximum dosage and if you feel comfortable then stick with it - but never go higher unless you want to risk your health.

July 10, 2012    question
Shradha   Age: 28

"... I want know the difference in Lipo 6 black and Lipo 6 black for Hers? and is it safe for a girl to use lipo 6 black."


July 15, 2012
response by Dean

Yes, they are both ok for both sexes but the HERS versions are more potent as a woman's body, metabolism and hormones differ quite a bit from a males so the ingredients work slightly differently in that favor.

July 5, 2012    question
shahrukh   Age: 23

"... does lipo 6 black help in reducing male boobs ??? or something else , can someone help me ?? "


July 5, 2012
response by Kent

Are you refereing to gynecomastia or gyno for short? Gyno is caused by genetics or anabolic steroid abuse. Using a fat burner will help you shed fat and possibly the gyno, but if you can see your abs and still have gyno then you need surgery.

For gyno help, consider using an anti-estrogen but first contact your doctor for advice.

April 21, 2012    question
kanwal   Age: 35

"... hi all i started taking lipo 6 black n its my 4th day i feel great energy not getting tried like i used to be. im 35 yrs of age mother of three kids weight about 110 kg looking forward to lose round about 40 kg hopefully.i m taking i pill in moring n second one in late afternoon like 3 its not possible to go gym for me i have plan to walk in my house for about an half hour hopefuly that help.honestly i have never try anything like this so i have no idea what to do to lose all that weight as my diet i take breakfast n dinner n in between i try not to eat any hing as a cooked meal i ate apples as i love those or anyother plz can u give me any other suggestion which could help me lose that weight or give me advise if a m doing any thing wrong which could interfere in my weight lose plan thanks "


April 23, 2012
response by Neil

The first thing to remember is that there is no such thing as a pill that will do all the work for you. You will need to increase your daily fitness and watch your diet. The more effort and work you put in, the BETTER the pill will work.

You can workout at home without weights, it's simple and no excuses. You can walk up and down your stairs, do jumping jacks, squats, situps, push-up, etc. Key is to keep moving and break a sweat. 15-20 non-stop is all it takes each day.

April 21, 2012    question
rana   Age: 21

"... what happens if u take the ladies suppliment for a while and you didnt notice"


April 21, 2012
response by Joan

No difference in the two formulas.. the female one is actually less potent in my opinion.

April 18, 2012    question
sarah   Age: 20

"... Hi, I have started using lipo 6 black hers today, felt great energy and a suppressed appetite. I only need to lose a few pounds. I exercise 5-6 times a week at the gym (cardio or strength training). I am a little confused about when I should be taking the pills though. I want to make sure I get the most energy for my workouts, without affecting my sleep at night. I wake up at 7am for work, and my gym sessions are around 6pm and go to bed at 10pm. Should I take the second dosage just before my workout or earlier to get the benefits? Thanks a lot"


April 19, 2012
response by Lada

I think if you are sensitive to stimulants than taking them at 6 when going to bed just a few hours later is not a good idea. Take them earlier in the day as directed. Even though you won't get the big energy boost for your workouts, the actual product will still work perfectly well as it's intended.

April 18, 2012    question
max   Age: 22

"... i dont knw but i have just started using today is the thrid day , taking only one pill a day in morning and then i go for gym , how soon i can see the chance ???"


April 18, 2012
response by Joey

You mean "change"?

All depends on how much effort you put in to your DIET and FITNESS. The pill does work slightly on it's own, but like any SUPPLEMENT it works best when you work best. So keep doing what you're doing and the results will come.

If you're putting in 100% effort you should see about 1-2 lbs loss per week.

April 1, 2012    question
Mike   Age: 27

"... Does lipo 6 black lead to Kidney , liver or any other health issue ?? Lots of my friends warn me not to try these fat burners as they have a lot of Material side effects !! Please advise . "


April 4, 2012
response by Pauly

No, it doesn't lead to any issues if you follow the directions, drink plenty of water and make sure you don't have any pre-existing issues. If you are concerned, talk with your doctor. Always start at the lowest dose and if you feel uncomfortable in anyway then stop.

March 31, 2012    question
KHAN DON   Age: 28

"... Hello.I am male, 28 years and 105 KG weight. I have used Lipo 6x Before, it did help me a little but also gave me constant head swings and ache. I want to lose about 25 KG weight pretty soon. I always go on diet, lose about 3 KGs and than gain another 5 Kg . SO things are in pretty bad shape for me, diet is not helping along with my routine. DO u recommend Lip 6 Black and also what dose should I take. Does it negatively affect your kidneys or liver ?"


April 1, 2012
response by Parker

The head swings are caused by not drinking enough water - no matter if you thought it was enough or not. The majority of people NEVER drink enough daily water, and while even using a product that dehydrates you even more like lipo 6, you need to drink even more.

Losing 25kg pretty soon is not realistic. Losing about 1-2lbs per week is realistic and the SAFE way to go about it - otherwise you are risking your health and having tons of stretched skin afterwards. Don't watch non-sense like biggest loser and such, those are monitored by doctors around the clock and very dangerous.

Besides the fat burner.. put 110% effort in to your diet, and I mean 110% so no cheating otherwise you'll get ZERO results. It's all up to you, hard yes, but your mind decides the results.


May 12, 2012
response by Nicole

Okkk so what if Im losing a pound a day? I work out 30 min a day 6 days a week drink about 100 to 120 oz of water a day, I take lipo6 hers ultra concentrate and my portion sizes are very realistic and healthy. I eat around 4 small meals a day and when i say small i mean SMALL. ive gone from 181 to 176 in about 5 days :D

March 26, 2012    question
vijay   Age: 22

"... some users says it makes chest burn and can it help in burning back bun and how much litre should we drink water


March 26, 2012
response by Ken

Drink water ALL DAY LONG to avoid headaches. Chest burn is not a common side-effect of this fat burners - if you feel this cut back the dosage or see a physician.

February 27, 2012    question
alexis   Age: 19

"... i started this product today and i am hoping to lose 10 lbs in a month i run and i dont eat much. Is it possible to reach my goal with this product? I am planning on taking one pill a day"


February 29, 2012
response by Samuel

You have made the first mistake, NOT EATING MUCH. Eating less will actually force your body to hold on to fat. Most people think that by starving themselves they will get skinny, where in fact the OPPOSITE is true. You need to eat every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism running - this will make you burn fat. It doesn't have to be massive meals, just healthy clean snacks is all it takes.

Losing 2.5lbs per week is quite high but possible. Taking this supplements (or try SUB Q fat burner, search for it on this site) plus exercising 5-6 days per week and eating as I outlined - it will be possible.

February 24, 2012    question
iliyas   Age: 22

"... well read a lot of reviews abt lipo6 it seems it does work.actually im planning to give it to my father who is 48yrs .my question is what if my father discontinue using lipo6 after the desired effect.will he get back to previous shape."


February 25, 2012
response by Shane

He will get back to his previous shape IF he eats poorly and doesn't exercise. Using a fat burner helps you get rid of the fat quicker - but to avoid gaining the fat back you have to make an effort to do so.

You are what you eat.

February 18, 2012    question
stevi   Age: 22

"... Is it okay to take a tylneol while taking lipo 6 black for her? I can't sleep and would like to take one to help
Please answer "


February 18, 2012
response by Karl

Once in a while probably yes, but daily I would say no. Wait till you are done your fat burner cycle before returning back to Tylenol.

February 13, 2012    question
Alexa   Age: 19

"... Hi I was wondering if this was safe for me to take. I'm a girl who is 5'8 and 142. I need to get back to my normal weight of 125. Is this pill safe to take even if I run tons of miles? Like some days I have to run 8 miles and I was wondering if it was okay. "


February 15, 2012
response by Heather

Yes it is safe to take no matter how little or how hard you exercise. The key is to not overdo it. Start with the lowest dose and slowly work your way up to the max dosage.

February 7, 2012    question
lalitha   Age: 22

"... Im 22 yrs old and does lipo 6 black reduce size of breast?coz i think mine is perfect and dont want to decrease it..."


February 8, 2012
response by Heather

Impossible to answer that, yes and no. Depends on your genetics. Some women lose fat first from their bust, some from their arms some from their hips. You can't choose where you burn fat (example, training abdominals doesn't burn fat on the abs, it's just works the muscle),

Give it a shot and you'll find out.


May 12, 2012
response by Nicole

Lol, If you are over weight chances are when you lose weight your boobs will be the first to decrease in size.. Mine ALWAYS do :D

February 3, 2012    question
jared   Age: 23

"... Right now i weigh around 230 and i am looking to get somewhere around 190, I have heard that lipo 6 black is one of the best fat burners out there (especially for the money), the guy at the local gnc recommended the newest version which is a concentrated pill (only 1 pill twice a day instead of 3 twice a day). so my question is - is there a way i could take a lower dosage than recommended to allow my body to get used to lipo 6 black before i take the recommended amount?"


February 4, 2012
response by Jane

Don't worry about the GNC up selling staff.. they make a commission so be careful. When it comes to lipo 6 black there are the same formula, doesn't matter if it's concentrated or not in the end it does the same thing.

You should always start with the lowest dosage and see how your body reacts.. everyone is different and it may take a bit longer to increase your tolerance. Remember, you don't need to do the full dose to get the best results, everyone is different.


February 4, 2012
response by Jared

Yeah i know what you mean, i hadn't done to much research prior to buying the concentrated version. The guy did say it was the exact same formula as the original lipo 6 back just one pill instead of 3 so it sounded fine. After reading up a lot on it before trying it i noticed some people have trouble with the full dosage the first couple times so i was a little nervous about taking the 1st pill (since it is the same as taking 3 of the regular black version) but i took one earlier this morning when i woke up and i haven't noticed any issues, i definitely notice the energy and the higher body temp but nothing that would make me want to stop taking them. Ill probably skip the one for the afternoon and see how sleeping goes first just on the 1, and try it tomorrow if i can get to sleep.


April 18, 2012
response by maz

hey !! so wat was ur response u took one and then ??? i mean iu have used only one or increased ???

January 24, 2012    question
Amir   Age: 15

"... hi, im amir with height 179m and 109kg. i,ve joined the gym a month and i saw my father used Lipo6 black. i asked him to buy it for me but the instruction state that its not for under 21. What will happen to me if i use it in my age? (sorry, not pro in english yet)"


January 25, 2012
response by Jonas

I would suggest you wait until you are at least 19 years of age. The warning is there for a reason. You are still growing and your body is not prepared for it.

If you want to lose fat then exercise more, increase your cardio and eat better.

December 5, 2011    question
JACK   Age: 19

"... hi all my name is jack and Im 19 years old .. I'm 182 cm 106 kg .. I joined the gym for a year new and I just started using lipo 6 black .. Im just wondering what is the right amount for me to take per day .. thanks"


December 7, 2011
response by Helen

Follow the directions, that's the best way. If you feel it's too high then cut back. Keep up the gym and watch your diet and you'll make good results.

November 6, 2011    question
Chris   Age: 27

"... Hi this is Chris. I woke up @ 2 pm and reach gym by 3. before workout i take one pill and having great energy boost. after workout i wont take any pill. now planning to take 2 pills before workout. is it right way to add pills since my body settled with 1 dosage or do i hv any other method to apply. Plz suggest. Ht 184 Wt 110 kg."


November 6, 2011
response by Stefan

Hi Chris. Yes, upping the dosage is ok, just listen to your body and if you feel too hyper, can't sleep or get headaches drop back down for a bit longer and then try again later.

October 21, 2011    question
johny   Age: 23

"... i am 23 years old..i want to prepare for bodybuilding will b on i am 85 kg & i wanna loss at leat 20-30 lbs of body weight..i wanna get how many LIPO6 BLACK caps should i take in a day??? plz ans......"


October 22, 2011
response by Felix

If you are getting ready for a show, using a fat burner like lipo 6 black will help tremendously. Follow the directions on the label, do not go over the max dosage. You will also have to pay special attention to your diet and cardio to get to contest condition.

Best of luck and keep us posted.

October 18, 2011    review
Ash   Age: 23

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Hi all.. I'm crrently using this product.. previously was using Lipo 6 Black Hers for 8 weeks.. I was about 146lbs and 5ft3".. At the end of the 8 weeks, i was 127lbs.. 19lbs lost.. this was done with regular exercise and controlled diet.. I'd say the product performed well enough.. Want to lose abt 20lbs more so after the 4 weeks break i'm starting again.. Decide to switch to normal lipo 6 black instead to test if it will work just as well. I'm into my 3rd week and i have lost 4lbs.. still losing weight at a healthy rate so i'm satisfied so far. Will keep u guys updated. :) "

October 10, 2011    review
Mohammed    Age: 31

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hi ! I'm using LIPO 6 BLACK with strict diet depending on vegatabules , low fat milk & Fruits I'm taking 3 in the morning and three in the afternoon .. my question now is , would it be fafe to take the supplement with this strict diet ? Waiting your answer ^_^ "

October 8, 2011    question
Declan   Age: 25

"... I am a hepatitis B carrier and using Nutrex Lipo 6X now with minimum dosage a day (1 morning and 1 afternoon), the problem is am I suitable to use this product? I face no any of those side effects so far ...

I would like to ask is the color of the pills should look like this?



October 8, 2011
response by Dino

Hi Declan, some fat burners can cause the increase of your metabolism which may affect the Hepatitis status. This is very rare, but from my knowledge possible. If I were you I would visit your doctor or find a health line to call and explain your situation to be safe.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out for others reading this blog.

September 27, 2011    question
jan   Age: 33

"... ijust want to know ,either really using lipo 6 black can effect to our cardiovascular, and lastly going to be parallyse or stroke..its afraid to me..plz consulte me thanx.for your info, i ;ve big tummy in my body so i want to reshape and using lipo 6 black with my gymnasium exercise.."


September 27, 2011
response by kRameR

I have never heard of Lipo 6 Black or any other fat burner causing any cardiovascular problems or stroke. If you have any pre-existing issues with your health or heart then it would be wise to talk to your doctor first, and if you do start do so with the minimal dose and see how it goes.

September 11, 2011    question
ali   Age: 25

"... i am using this product. this is my second day . the problem is that i feel slight headaches after 4 to 5 hrs (after taking the pill ).i never take or use any kind of a fat burner before . i take one pill 30 min before my exercise . ( taking only 1 pill in a day )
on first day i feel like great in the beginning but after completed my cardio (30 min duration ) i feel

1:increades heart rate and rapid heart beat

i drink plenty of water

should i continue it or discontinue ?

plz help me i will be very grateful to u ."


September 13, 2011
response by Dave

Headaches are caused by dehydration, you are not drinking enough. It may seem like you are but you are not, if you are constantly getting headaches you need to always have a water bottle in hand and keep sipping all day. Drinking more water throughout the day all day also helps you lean up as it flushes water out.

The increase in heart rate and heart beat is exactly what you want to happen after cardio - so you are on the right track. That is how you burn fat.

Following you workout you need to also eat, that is why you are nauseous. Either consume a protein shake or have a light healthy meal.

Follow the directions, stick with your plan and enjoy the results!

September 8, 2011    question
sam   Age: 27

"... Hi -just started using lipo 6 black 3 days ago -felt a decent surge of energy the 1st day that helped me do an extended workout but not so much the past 2 days -decent product overall the only problem is the slight jitters, even tho im just taking 2 caps a day for now- anyone else feel the same way? also do the jitters go away as the body gets used to it?? How much weight have u lost on it so far? my goal is to lose 15 lbs asap-hopefully in a month n a half "


September 10, 2011
response by Rick

Hi Sam, congrats on setting your goals and going for it. Using Lipo 6 Black is a great addition and will help you speed up your fat loss. A general goal to go by is to to lose aprox 1 to 2 lbs per week. That is the safe and healthy way to lose body fat. Now, of course you can lose faster if you are willing to train and diet harder, but that is all up to you.

Jitters tend to be one of the side-effects with stimulant based fat burners, some people get them and some don't. If the affect you in a bad way then simply cut back the dosage and carry on.

Best of luck!

August 1, 2011    review
shaq   Age: 17

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... this is a great product if you eat right & workout.i use to have a great body but let myself go.i wanted my body bck to play bball again but wrkin out just wasnt enough.i brought a flex magazine & saw lipo 6 blk the nxt day i went & bought it.i took as instructed 1 in the mornin 1 in the afternoon,its been a little over a week now & ive awready seen great results.with my diet & exercise ive lost nearly all my love handles,im startin to c my abs again & my thighs are less thick.& did i mention im getting greatly toned.i would highly recommend this product for ppl who want to have a great body"

June 29, 2011    review
Ant   Age: 34

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Amazing Product. Started taking it 6/6/11 at 190.7 lbs. it's now 6/28/11 and I am at 173.1 lbs. Of course I have been dieting and excercising reguarly but this product has you sweating within 5 mins of exercise.

Use as directed and the side effects are minimal but worth it. Diet is important when losing weight.

I am a regular person and have nothing to benifit from advertizing this product. You need to find what works for you and stick to it. "

June 2, 2011    review
Danny   Age: 22

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Im in Month 2 of the Insanity Program and Ive always found it hard to get the hype and energy to start the daily workouts (Although I did get it done) I started Month two with the Lip0-6 Black and immediately felt the energy. Put it this way before Id wait til around 2pm to do my work outs, now that im taking the pills in the morning I can't wait so i do them at 9am now. Great pill."

May 20, 2011    question
LJ   Age: 24

"... Someone please help me with this question, i just started a week ago using this product... i usually go to the gym around 1pm and sometimes around 11 am .. i wake up at 7 am and take 3 pills ...but im confused , should i be taking all 6 pills before i go to the gym or is it ok to take 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon after my workout? I read something that said i should be taking 3 pills and then wait 6 hours later to take the other 3 . so please someone explain to me how i should be taking this prodcut.


July 22, 2011
response by shaq

take one first thing n the mornin,30 min later eat a lean breakfast. once digested workout. then take another pill 30 min before you plan to eat lunch. yu should do dis everyday. dont take more than two pills a day

May 16, 2011    review
Melissa   Age: 26

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I am currently taking Lipo 6 Black to help me break free from my plateau. I started about 3 days ago, and so far I've gone from 160 to 157.6. I take 2 pills in the AM and before lunch, and I really don't feel jittery...and I'm very prone to feel the effects of caffeine, too. Lots more energy, a decrease in food cravings, I'm really liking this product. I'm taking the regular Lipo 6 Black (not the "Hers" one) and I like it. So far, so good. "

May 16, 2011    question
ozzy   Age: 18

"... Why can't an 18 teen year old take lipo 6 black"


July 22, 2011
response by shaq

most fat burners & pills say that because the dont think an 18or under would b responsible to read directions & take them correctly. if you follow instructions yu'll b fine,im 17 & i use the product

May 11, 2011    review
juan manuel   Age: 28

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... well this is a great page to post about im going to buy lipo 6 right awayyy i use the fat burner from natural nutrition i hope to this one works for me i want to have mi six pac lol "

April 6, 2011    question
Alex   Age: 20

"... So I started lipo 6 black today, on a low dose and followed directions. I'm health and fit, just looking to loose some fat percentage. But after taking lipo 6 black my heart rate has been really fast, I been sweating cold sweat, I had a great work ut I have great worksouts everyday. Is this normal, any dangers, or is this how it feels why my body gets used to it? "


August 28, 2011
response by Shane

Unfortunately everyone react differently with stimulant based supplement. If I were you, I would listen to my body and cut the dosage back in half to see how it goes. You will still be burning fat just at a rate your body can handle.

April 4, 2011    question
alphaeus   Age: 21

"... I just started on lipo6 black and i want to know if i would lose muscle mass or just fat? Im also taking protein drinks and my bolism is already fast so what should i do? and how many pills should i take? can you guys tell me?"


August 30, 2011
response by Clarke

Follow the directions on the back for the amount of pills to take, that's the easy part. With regards to losing muscle vs fat when taking lipo 6 black, that depends on how much you eat daily, more specifically protein intake. You already mentioned you take protein drinks, that is great. If you find you are starting to burn muscle then add more protein per day. You should be consuming about 1.5 to 2.0 grams of protein per day per pound of body weight.

March 16, 2011    question
Dom   Age: 21

"... I bought lipo 6 Black today at the store, and plan on starting it tomorrow, but Im kind of weary. I am overseas and have not yet seen the lipo 6 Black Hers. Is it okay for women to use lipo 6 Black ? "


September 1, 2011
response by Jackson

Yes, both the original and the hers version work well for women. I have found that with my clients, females, the hers version is slightly more effective. Just be sure to drink plenty of liquids to stay hydrated throughout the day and increase your efforts with what you eat and how active you are during the days.

January 26, 2011    question
Jorge   Age: 20

"... I just started to use lipo 6 black but only in a 2 pill 2 times a day dose due to my inmense terror of a heart attack... Now, in just 2 days of these pills, excersise (prolonged cardio and repetitive/light weight lifting), and diet I have already lost 3 pounds... Yet, I have felt a little anxious and hyperative with a little nausea throughout the whole day... Should I stay in this 2 pill dose or is it save enough to drink the "recomended maximum dose" (exact words in the bottle) which is 3 pills 2 times a day...

Anticipating my thanks for anyone can that help me with this doubt..!"


February 6, 2011
response by Pete

Jorge, I would say that the side-effects that you have listed are pretty common to be honest. I would stay at the current or low dose you mentioned since you are getting great results from the sounds of it. No need to change something when it is working right? Besides, I find with today's fat burners the max dosages really make me to wired and crazy-like lol

January 26, 2011    question
paletas   Age: 21

"... so i started the lipo 6 black today at 7 in the morning when i woke up took a shower then at 7 30 I HAD my breakfast went to school and after my first class i was walking to my second i was actually powerwalking this thing gave me so much energy nothing like i had experienced before i took my next pill at arround 12 and had my lunch at 12 30 but of cours an apple and orange in between went to the gym and i had one of my best work outs since high school i didnt run out of energy at all i felt like i could keep going and going and i didnt wana stop but i couldnt tare my self up in just one now im ready to go to bed and im a little concerend cause i feel like my heart rate is still up and i have a minor head eache and my hands just keep sweating i never had any type of problems health wise in my 21 years of life so im a little concerned..hopefully its just me getting used to it ill see what happens tommorow.."


February 12, 2011
response by Craig

I would suggest next time you start with the LOWEST dose and see how you respond instead of jumping in head first. The headache is probably a result of dehydration as usual, so be sure to drink plenty of water while using lipo 6 black. Best of luck with you results!

December 28, 2010    review
david   Age: 27

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Can women take Lipo 6 Black? I know they have Lipo6 black Hers but is the other one just as safe for women to take? I have a few samples. Sercing size is 3 so I was thinking of starting with 1 capsule to see how it works...I do not like the smell"

August 17, 2010    question
Karen   Age: 31

"... Can women take Lipo 6 Black? I know they have Lipo6 black Hers but is the other one just as safe for women to take? I have a few samples. Sercing size is 3 so I was thinking of starting with 1 capsule to see how it works...I do not like the smell."


September 10, 2010
response by dylan

Yes, Just need to get Lipo6 Black Hers.

August 8, 2010    review
Jason   Age: 21

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Without question the best weight loss product that I have used ever, nearest thing in my opinion is the ECA stack which is just too harsh on the body in my opinion. Using lipo-6 now for the past year on and off I have been able to shed and maintain my weight where I want it. Very good, highly recommended!"

July 14, 2010    review
monique   Age: 28

  RATING: 2 out of 5

"... i have been using the pills for a week now and i have not noticed any weight loss as far as numbers go. however, i noticed that i can fit a pair of jeans better than beforem, maybe im gaining muscle. i dont want to, i want to lose weight. in addition, i worked out 5 times but i didnt diet."

July 7, 2010    review
monique   Age: 28

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... hi all..just got the pills today and cant wait to use them. in 2004 i tried xenedrine and i loved it...lost 30lbs in 6 weeks...i swam and worked out every day...i was stuck at a the same weight for months so i tried hydroxycut and lost 2 more lbs...i just had a baby alomst 3 months ago (gained 47lbs) and dropped 30 right away due to appendicitis 10 days after...only wanna lose the remaining 17lbs...the lady at GNC said the xenedrine and hydroxycut probably doesnt work for me anymore and suggested this product...after reading the reviews, i can wait to daily workout routine consists of 35 mins on elliptical machine and 3 sets on 4 wieght machines (targeting my belly)....will repost weekly!!!!!"

June 25, 2010    question
Mena G   Age: 16

"... Hello i am mena i have just bought the Lipo 6 black i have never used products like this befor ... my frist time .. any ways i am 80k.g height 175 cm so i wanna lose about 10 K.Gs i don't know how to used the product ... it says 3 at morning an 3 after noon ... well.. i wake up at 2 pm lol so its kinda the after noon ... don't know what to do ..i go to the gym every day and i also swim every day swimming at 3 pm... and the gym 10 pm ... so please help me out and tell me how to use it and if i can take only 2 caps instead of 3 cos i think 3 is too much /..!! thx "


September 23, 2011
response by James

Hi Mena, thanks for posting your question. Losing 10kg is an attainable goal, and much easier than 100kg, adding Lipo 6 Black will help tremendously. Since you wake up at 2pm I assume that you work or are up late? In this case take your first pills when you wake up and then the next ones 6-8 hours later.

April 27, 2010    review
sam   Age: 40

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... Hi All i am 40 years in age and i am from India.I just brought 2 cases of this and today is my second of the same.As adviced by my personal trainer i take only one pill a day about 15 to 30 mins prior to my work out.I dont see much of energy boost (maybe cause i am a smoker and tea drinker) but yes i feel the thermogenic effect as i sweat like crazy.There is not much side effect.I do feel bit dizzy at times but it lasts only like 30 mins.Maybe cos i am not used to it and this is the first time.I will keep you posted as advised by my trainer my first week cycle is one capsule a day then will increase.I will keep everyone posted on my progress"

April 21, 2010    question
Christian   Age: 18

"... I want to use this, and I've taken lipo 6X in the past with good results, but I was wonder why this says not to be taken under 21 and lipo 6X is not to be taken under 18. Whats the difference? Would it be ok to use this under 21? thanks"


October 11, 2011
response by George

The BLACK version has more advanced/hardcore ingredients. It is far more effective than the original 6X formula.

April 6, 2010    question
Mrs. Guzman   Age: 24

"... I'm 5'7 130lbs and I want to lose only 10 pounds. I am on slim-fast shakes and protein bars. I work out for two hours a day (weight training) not cardio, four days a week. I am trying to get more muscular. I will get my pills in the mail in two days(Lipo 6 Black hers). My question is should I take the six pills a day or less pills because I'm only trying to get the last little fat off. I don't want to get sick from taking too much. Thanks!"


August 1, 2011
response by shaq

take 2 a day,one in the mornin & one ine the afternoon

March 22, 2010    question
spencer   Age: 21

"... i am takin lipp 6 black and i kinda like it. i get great energy and my appetite is suppressed. but after about an hour or 2 on it i get hella hot and kinda of feel sick. i eat three times a day but not alot cause i dont have the urge to. i wanna know what i might be doin wrong. let me know what is recommended."


October 15, 2011
response by Noel

Yes, the energy boost is a great bonus while using any of the popular Lipo 6 Black products. If you feel sick afterwards you are probably not eating enough. Take the pills on an empty stomach, then about 20 minutes later be sure to eat something or have a protein shake. This will settle your stomach and any side-effects.

March 21, 2010    review
CanadianRunner   Age: 35

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I run marathons and I started using this a day ago. I do feel a bit of a energy surge before my run (but not too much where I feel like I'm on speed) and I just want to lose about 10-15 pounds because I'm running three marathons this summer and want to be the lightest weight possible (I am 6'1 and 153 pounds). I know I can only get down to maybe 145 healthy, but if this helps I'll let you guys know. Some advice for those who are just starting...pace your dosage. I started with one in the morning and one in the afternoon (yesterday) and today I increased that up to two, and tomorrow I will go with three (the full dose). Don't go all out taking six on the first day! But yea, so far I feel good. "

March 15, 2010    question
megan   Age: 21

"... I went Into GNC today I was going to buy Quick Trim (Kim kardashian is promoting) the guy working told me LIPO 6 BLACK was great he sells 3 to 4 bottles a day. But as I read the reviews I notice a lot of men are talking it Not so many women, the guy working at GNC told me both men and women can use that true? So is LIPO 6 BLACK just for men????

I need something that will give me energy & curve my appetite.
Please help


April 10, 2010
response by John Doe

They have Lipo 6 versions for women and men, however im not sure if the Lipo 6 women version is the black one.


April 26, 2010
response by Kelly

Yes the Lipo 6 Hers is the Black one...

March 2, 2010    question
3tymer   Age: 23

"... I was wondering can we take protein powder during lipo 6 black or not because I take protein powder but once I bought lipo 6 I stop protein because protein got some stuff that lipo 6 tells u not to take."


October 18, 2011
response by Kris

Yes, protein powder is fine and suggested. Think about it, the regular food you eat all day has proteins in it - so there is no difference if you drink the protein in a shake or eat it from a chicken breast right?

February 18, 2010    review
Michelle   Age: 30

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I've been on Lipo 6 Black Hers for 8 days. I have lost 5 pounds.

I am 18m post baby. # of pounds lost is not the ultimate goal for me. I want to build muscle, lose fat, and feel cute again. If I had to put a number on it though, I'd say 30 lbs would more than do the trick.

Energy is a little more elevated, but not over the top. I have not felt jittery at all. I have noticed a "weird, not quite normal" feeling that isn't extra energy and isn't a headache rumbling around the back of my head. I don't know how to describe it other than "weird".

Appetite suppressant aspect is good to the point that it helps with my portion sizes...but doesn't obliterate my appetite by any means. Although, if I am late on my afternoon dose, and I'm not close to a healthy pre-planned meal, watch out. Occasionally I feel a little ill, but that is right before I'm due to eat again. (I try to eat 5-6 times a day) I have been eating fairly clean with treating myself to a slice of homemade pizza on Friday and a bit of chocolate today... and a mozzerella stick.

My workouts consist of running after little ones all day and Jillian Michael's 30 day shred (27 min of circuit training)daily.

I don't expect the monster results that some folks on here have had, are having, will have due to the fact that having little ones, I am limited as to how much focused/intense cardio/weight training I can do. I will update with my progress as I'm sure there are some other ladies out there in my situation interested in seeing how this supplement plays out for us.

February 16, 2010    question
Jeff   Age: 37

"... Hi been on Lpo6 liquid cap have not been able to feel anything, thinking in changing to lip 6 Balck, is this product beter? Im 270 and I need to go down to at least 200 before jun Is there a beter product that can help me do this?"


March 23, 2010
response by skinnyboy

diet cardio big time start with cardio eat very small portions through out day also no carbs then after cardio do weight training not heavy light many reps all body parts spend 1 hour cardio 1hour weight training all body parts!!!!then go in sauna 20 minutes...u will get there i promise !!

February 3, 2010    question
Ash   Age: 21

"... Im thinking about taking this product next monday.. only thing i have to say is does this product make you go to the toilet every 30 mins? everytime i go on a fat burner all i seem to do is go to the toilet after the first doseage. im 97kg and wanting to get to 85-90 kg for the summer. does this product work? is it have side effects i.e toilet? is it alot better than muscletech hydroxycut hardcore x? please could someone let me know asap cheers peeps!!!! "


October 20, 2011
response by Napolean

No, I havae personally used lipo 6 black many times and have never had any bowl movement issues. Perhaps the other types you have had might have had some ingredients that your body did not agree with, but I would venture to say you'll be fine with this. Only way to find out is to give it a go.

February 1, 2010    review
Mikeyb   Age: 23

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Lipo 6 Black works... FACT! Lost 1 1/2 stone in the 8 week cycle. Worked out 3-4 times a week at home with free weights etc and just ate normally, chicken, potatoes, vegetables etc. drink loads of water. It literally starts working after 2 weeks. Evry person who knows me has commented on how much better i look. Starting 2nd cycle, but gonna work out much harder to see if i can get even better results."

January 22, 2010    review
Over 40 soccer mom   Age: 42

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I have been taking for 3 days now. This works really well as an appetite suppresant. I find myself forgetting to eat in the middle of the day. I've accidentally put my body into starvation mode. I have to force myself to eat some fruit and yogurt in between meals. While nothing can take the place of the beloved "bolife original", Lipo 6 Black comes very close. I am recommending to others."

January 21, 2010    review
EML   Age: 50

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I just started using Lipo 6 Hers Black on Tuesday (2 days ago) and already lost 3 lbs (1.5 per day) Not bad at all! I have more energy and no cravings. "

January 16, 2010    review
tempo   Age: 23

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... "...i just got it today a friend of mines work at vitamin world and he said its one of the best out now and ive heard alout of good about lipo 6 black online and wonted to try it for my self ill keep ya posted""

January 13, 2010    review
candybaby   Age: 23

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I have just started using this product today an so far my energy level is boosted! I am going to the gym tonight to do some cardio and weight training and see how much this stuff makes me sweat! I am at 160 and want to get back down to about 120-125 so hopefully this helps me out!!!"

January 13, 2010    review
courey   Age: 28

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... ive been using thie lypo 6 black for like 2 weeks i think its amazing! with a steady work out session and a heathy diet i lost three pant sizes. i went from a size 36 to almost a size 32. ive got more energy and i feel awsome. this product really helped me get back in shape for the army!"

January 8, 2010    question
cass   Age: 26

"... hey there i just started taking this yesterday and noticed today that my neck is extremely tight with a little throbbing pain...anyone else have this?"


October 22, 2011
response by Felix

Neck pains have nothing to do with taking fat burners - you probably just tweaked it at the gym or during sleep. In a few days it will go away. Keep using the pill as directed, eat well and add some fitness in to your daily schedule and you'll be fine.

January 7, 2010    review
Adam   Age: 18

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Today is day 1 using Lipo-6 Black. Need to lose 35 pounds in 12 weeks. I'll keep everyone informed. 3 caps at 6am. 3 caps at 3pm. I'll keep everyone informed on my progression."

December 28, 2009    review
RussianSweetheart   Age: 19

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I just ordered it online, and can't wait to get it. I plan on working out 4-5 times a week, and watching what I eat. Also, I'll be replacing my breakfast with a protein drink, and having another protein drink after my work-outs. I need to loose about 40lbs."

December 27, 2009    question
salim   Age: 23

"... ok here is the truth about lipo 6 well before a year i was scared taking any fat burner and i was training at gym my weight was 105 kilo and i was 164 cm tall , i try hard after few month the gym guy told me to take something called lipo 6 i went and bought it i try it for the first week i discover nothing happen and the next week i discover i lost weight! i was happy! then i stayed taking it untill i lost from 105 to 75 kilo! and thats great thank you lipo 6 ! now iam on lipo 6 black and its great but my Q is before i take 3 at morning and 3 before gym.. i found little problems like feeling not in a mood, headic. so i reduce my lipo bills to 2 and now i feel its great but do you think its good to take 2 at morning and 2 before gym? thanks
sorry for my english"


February 1, 2010
response by flexbest

Its fine to reduce the pills, it will just be less potent. How many hours do you take your second dose before the first? That is what u should be concerned about, space them out about 5hrs.

December 21, 2009    review
Dennis   Age: 21

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... im 167cm,79kg and 21% bodyfat on the day the day i started(20/12/09). i ll be checking tommorow and see how it has been progressing.."

December 6, 2009    review
James   Age: 26

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I've been using Lipo 6 black for about a week now. It was one of the supplements recommended by the "Illegal Crazy Ripped Program." I'm down 9lbs in my first two weeks using Lipo 6 Black and the crazy Ripped workout and diet regimen"

November 17, 2009    question
Antonio   Age: 20

"... Ok so i am thinking of taking this product(lipo6 black) but as you can see i am not 21, which the label says you should not take if you are under 21. so my question is, why? or for what reason is it that i should not take it?"


December 16, 2009
response by Tom

I'm under 21 also its not going to do anything to you. thats just the age they would advise

November 16, 2009    question
Brinksman   Age: 25

"... I started taking lipo 6 black today 3 at 8am and 3 at 4pm I wieght 227 I work out every day for about a hour sometimes two times a day my goal is to get down to 190. I wanna no if I take the lipo 6 black can I drink my protien drink still it's call 100% whey "


November 19, 2009
response by TJ

yes, your protien drink will not influence the Lipo6 Black

November 13, 2009    review
Kristen   Age: 30

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I've been taking Lipo 6 black hers for over 2 weeks and it has been awesome. I dropped a few pounds and have alot of energy. I feel no side effects. I am very impressed with this supplement. "

October 30, 2009    review
krystal   Age: 24

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I have been on this 3lbs already ... the caffine doesnt give me a headach any more it was just the first day.. but i feel good and alert.. !! I use to weigh 182 now at 179.. probly just water weight right now.. i will keep every one posted!! "

October 29, 2009    question
Scott   Age: 19

"... Im going to be cutting up alittle bit before the holidays and drop my bodyfat % some and I plan to use Lipo6 black to help me do it faster. My question is, is there anything I should be worried about taking it under the age of 21? I have a friend whos 19 that uses it and he's loving it but I'm curious if anyone knows of any actually reasons not to use it."


October 22, 2011
response by Daniel

Hi Scott, welcome to fitFLEX. Lipo 6 Black will help you shed the fat much faster then without it. Fat burners are ok to be taken as a teenager, just follow the direction and you'll be ok.

October 28, 2009    review
Carl   Age: 21

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... I am at 218 and i started the product monday I hope to lose somewhere between 5-10 lbs but i had to quit because of inactivity because i went on vacation so now i am starting again will report back with results"

October 22, 2009    question
Krystal   Age: 24

"... I just took my first dose today of lipo 6 black , and it gave me a lot of energy... but i have a minor headach... Could it be that im not use to the caffein? and will it go away or should i lower it to 2 doses in the morning! ... but like i said... I have a lot of energy!!! "


October 22, 2011
response by Aaron

The headaches are always caused by dehydration - once you have the headache it is already too late and you need to drink water. To avoid this, keep a water bottle on hand all day and keep drinking.

October 18, 2009    review
Niko   Age: 25

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... ..Is Lipo Black formulation of 3 caps per take too much for ASIAN? I took 6x before and enjoying the results. i immediately purchased a bottle as I saw Lipo Black.."

October 16, 2009    review
tierra   Age: 21

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Ok so I took xenadrin b4 lipo 6 ,which made me jittery,headache if u forget to take it that day but good appi supres BUT no energy,didn't even fell like goiin to the gym THeN I started lipo 6 and felt the energy to go to the gym like 2 or 3 times a week,didn't tell my bf I was takin them n after 2 1/2 weeks he saidd he noticed my weight droppin and areas tonning up!!!I fifnished the bottlle with fantastic results,better then what I expected but now I want to try lipo 6 black just bougth it today gnc $55.68 just took 1st dose,will repost 1 week from now with results,effects and all!!! "

October 11, 2009    question
pete   Age: 23

"... i just bought this product hope it works cause im in graveyard shift at work any advise on how to take it and how many to start off with? first timer


October 22, 2011
response by Josef

Yes, works like a charm with tons of long term energy as well as the good fat burning effects. I would start off with half the dose so your body can get used to it gradually, then work up to the max if your body can tolerate it over a few week period.

October 9, 2009    review
Jordan   Age: 19

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I just bought lipo 6 black today and took the first 3 pills so far, walked on the tredmill for 20 minutes and the first 3 minutes into it I was sweating like crazy already. I weigh 225 and I really want to get down to 180 slim, and cut. I am going to post every few days to a week."

October 7, 2009    review
Carl   Age: 21

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... I used a strict diet increased cardio and endurance lifting and lost 10 lbs in a week. i am now 220 and I started taking this product yesterday i hope to recieve similar results as i am still doing all these things and hopefully get down to under 200lbs i will report back after a week for results after my first week"

September 28, 2009    question
Michael   Age: 23

"... is this safe to take if you are not planning on doing much working out but instead just using it to speed up matabolism and stop cravings?"


October 11, 2009
response by Richard

I would say yes, but the benefits would be much greater if you add even the smallest amount of some activity. You don't need to go to the gym, just take a 20 minute walk around your block, something as simple as that.

Keep us posted with your results!

September 7, 2009    review
Heather   Age: 33

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Taking for a week and working out 5 days a week. 5lbs. down already. Get a little jittery, but i push through cardio w/ no problem. be prepared to get sweaty. "

September 1, 2009    review
reggie   Age: 28

"... its been five+days now no complaints so far. today im kind of sleepy mostly because of my job. still dont eat much and im sweating more now. already at five net pounds lost... kyp"

September 1, 2009    question
joe   Age: 18

"... not sure on this yet. i think its to early to tell but i started taking lipo6 black yesterday. im taking 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. been lifting light and running everyday. i weigh 235 and i wanna get down to 190-200. "


September 7, 2009
response by Paul

I found it took abut 5-6 days to really feel it take effect. Key is consistency, never rely just on the diet pill.. you must watch the diet to a degree and add some cardio/training into your routine. Best of luck and keep us posted on your results!

August 28, 2009    review
reggie   Age: 28

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... hello. never tried the lipo6x went straight to the black. just started yesterday. whats trippin me out is a ive already lost two pounds and b im not hungry at all.. keep you posted"

August 20, 2009    question
Jr   Age: 24

"... Hi iam 24 and going to start takeing lipo 6 black Iam 234 want to be at 200 see if I can do it in 12 weeks going to drink at list 2 gallons of water a day to get that extra help take lot of fiber to help my diet just want to be 200 lbs before holidays i will get back soon I


September 7, 2009
response by James Jr.

Best of luck! 34 pounds in 12 weeks is attainable - but you'll have to be 110% committed! The first few weeks will be easier as you'll shed mostly water weight.. the last 6 weeks will be the toughest but the most rewarding in the end!

I suggest you create a journal here at fitFLEX, it's in the top menu. I'd love to (as well as many others I assume) follow your week to week progress.


August 15, 2010
response by zorach

Lipo 6 black vrs hoodia vrs acai vrs mealdown
Thank You

August 14, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... i just got my lipo 6 black today..took 2 tabs in the morning n 2 tabs in the evening, hitting the gym bout 1 hr everyday..., the funny thing is i do get hungry more often!!! WTF!!! , had nausea today for bout 5 min then it went away.., other than that no other side effects..., i weigh 78kg's here, overall no extra fat, just that my tummy looks like its 8 months pregnant...hope lipo 6 black does get this down..."

August 1, 2009   
Jeff Espada

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... This stuff works great. First time time i took it, I was running around the house trying to figure out what to do.....I was cleaning dishes non stop and going 100 mph. I have been taking it for a month now and I'm i great shape. I play beach volleyball religiously......."

July 28, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I tried the 8wk cycle of Lipo 6 black...lost only 5lbs because I didn't work out. I will try again & this time I will eat better & do cardio."

July 26, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... been on it for like 3 days and lost about 6 pounds. didnt do much cardio except for one day were i played basketball for 3hrs and played 2 rounds of golf."

July 25, 2009   

  RATING: 4 out of 5


July 22, 2009   

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... Almost finished with the bottle, I love the energy, puts me in a happy mood, very little fat loss not much as expected.....thinking of getting JETFUEL next, everywhere I read its gotten great reviews..."

July 22, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... In my opinion, this is probably the best thermogenic I have taken. What I find most impressive is the lack of appetite and consistant energy. No shakes or bad side effects so far. Just bought two more bottles!"

July 22, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Great product...Running it for the second time with a strict low carb diet, first time I ran it had great results lowered bf from 12% to 8%...tryin to get down to 5 or 6..Kick ass product"

July 17, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Just ordered my 4 bottles and will be starting it as soon as it comes. I plan to chart all the progress in the journals on this site to keep it separate from this section to help me and others keep an eye on the progress. I hope others join or start their own journals as well to make it more fun for all of us!

K xoxo"

July 11, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Lipo 6x works great. i was 275 took lipo6x for 6 months with a strict diet and got down to 165. i couldnt believe it, going to do one more month of lipo6 black."

July 9, 2009   

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... I have tried both the 6X and now have been on 6 black for 2 weeks, I have also been on a diet with the 6 black this time round and got very good results, I take 3 at 10 am and 3 more at 4pm, and hit the gym at 5, I do have to say I crash pretty hard at night, no energy for anything but sleep. and to answer Jessica's post, if anything makes the whites of your eyes yellow, it means you may have liver damage, stop taking the pills and go see a doctor. yellow eyes means liver related issues."

July 7, 2009   

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... i have been taking it for about a week now 3 in the morning at 9am and 3 around 6pm as the bottle says and i feel really active and hyper i think its because of all the caffeine but as for as weight loss goes i haven't seen any yet its still to Early. The only negative is i can't sleep i lay in bed for about 4 hours till i fall asleep it keeps me up all night. "

July 6, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... ive tried a lot of products most of them were a bunch of bullsht!!! but lipo 6 black is the real deal i feel great no jitters or upset stomach nothing but pure energy for the pump. if anyone wants a great stack try pct advance and lipo 6 black together. "

July 5, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I tired taking hydroxycut a cople of months back, and it was turning the whites of my eyes all yellow. Does this stuff do the same. I don't have any medical prpblems. So it was kinda weird. I just need a little extra boost. "

July 3, 2009   
richard cranium

  RATING: 1 out of 5

"... LIPO 6 black is the same brand but with a add on. companies are now just resaling the same products but with new package selling the same DVD but with a new cover..nothing new but it makes the buyer THINK its different. rip off"

July 2, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I agree with joe... i'm just about done with the bottle and have lost 20 lbs just eating right and running 2-4 miles 5 times a week. i stopped lifting heavy and pounds came off quicker. great supplement!!! lots of good energy!!!"

June 30, 2009   

  RATING: 4 out of 5


June 26, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I'm currently in a get fit competition at my gym. I started off weighing 310. I couldn't find the motivation to get off my ass as workout so I could win at first. I was losing 2-3 lbs a week. The third week in my close friend and personal trainer said I should try Lipo-6 Black. I started taking it last saturday and I just weighed myself for a loss of 6 lbs in one week. I think I'm going to take this cycle, then cycle off 2 weeks, then finish the competition on another cycle. I'll update on how it goes."

June 25, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... everyone lol ya'll are funny i took this with another product with cardio at 15 miles a day i lost 30pounds in 1 1/2 month get on the level stop lifting heavy go light max out once a month run like hell"

June 20, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... i was using lipo6 for 2 weeks and switched to black ,i think i see a different but my weight is the same ,is it because iam lifting weights or is it that my scaler i have to change???? "

June 17, 2009   
john sja

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... just bought the product .. ill let you know soon what i think. who know .. Lipo6 black seems like it could be the product I am really looking forward to the energey in the product"

June 16, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Lipo6 black does better work for me then Lip6x. Lipo6x gives me a jittery and naseous feeling. Lipo6black keeps my head clear, lot's of energy to keep on going during workouts"

June 2, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... One of the best fat burners I have ever tried, and I have tried alot. What I am impress with is it doesnt get me jittery or naseous, like most fat burners do. I am seeing results in my midsection and on the scale. I have lost about 6 lbs in a week. Of course this is mostly due to weight training, cardio and good diet, but Lipo 6 black got me over the hump. I got turned onto this by a bud at the gym who is SHREDDED. He has been taking it more than a month, and I thought if its working for him, I will give it a try. Im glad I did."

May 27, 2009   

  RATING: 1 out of 5

"... I have been in a steady workout program for 90 days I have only lost 7 pounds. Thought I'd try lipo6back to boost my weight loss. I have been taking 3 in morning and 3 in afternoon - for a wk. Second wk I have been taking 4 and 4 - nothing. 2 weeks and I have no additional weight loss. "

May 27, 2009   

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I just started using LIPO 6X Black a week ago, and I have already lost 5 lbs of body fat. Just make sure you are getting allot of cardio and drink a gallon of water a day rather you like it or not. 5 out 5 stars from me!!!!!"

May 22, 2009   

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... Hey guys..Its day 2 of me taking LIPO 6 black..the only thing I've noticed so far is the rapid increase of my heart rate..It's a lil above average but nothing to be concerned about so far..the only thing i didnt like about it is that you can not have any caffeinated drinks while taking this supplement..and I'm a major tea and coffee consumer...Nonetheless I gotta do what I gotta do..I'll repost another status comment ina month from now..Bye"

May 20, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... hi evryone, I have a question what if you are on tight/or even lipo6 other products and want to use lipo 6 black do you have to wait for 4 weeks before you start or you go for it without a break?? thank you"

May 12, 2009   

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... Just started today with lipo 6 black this week will do 4 pills a day the first week to adjust no adverse reactions so far will keep everyone posted on my results"

May 7, 2009   

  RATING: 2 out of 5

"... Well as an avid Lipo 6 user, I am not impressed at all by the black. Lipo 6x is just as good if not better and you only take 2 pills at a time rather than 3 with the black. Plus 6x is cheaper. Don't believe the hype of Lipo 6 black and go with the 6x."

May 2, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... i submitted a question not a review before about how effective is black compared to lipo 6 pro natural, would still like to know and is it ok for women to take it?"

April 30, 2009   

  RATING: 1 out of 5

"... lipo 6 pro natural or black? please help i need advice please tell me which one is better i tried lipo 6 pro natural, but feel like i need more energy."

April 26, 2009   

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... just bought a bottle and the energy is off the hook i do cardio in the morning and when on the ellipticle sweat was pouring energy lasted over 8 hrs with one dose"

April 23, 2009   
roy munson

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... i took an 8 week cycle of lipo 6, stacked it with malnutrition and weightlifting 4 days a week and minimal cardio and lost an even 50 lbs, took dren for 15 days and wasnt happy went to vitamin world today and picked up lipo 6 black"

April 23, 2009   
Chris Engle

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I just started and 8 week cycle of Black and so far i must say its and energy shot and then some i'll keep and update as i progres through this cycle! So far its like rocket fuel!"

April 21, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... So far so good started the product yesterday. Very impressed with the energy I get from it. walked around the house trying to find something to do just because I was so wired. I will keep everyone posted with the up coming weeks."

April 20, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Works like a charm, I am living proof.. not sure what Ronnie is spamming about. I've always had great success with the lipo product line.. one of the few fat burners out there that don't give me any side-effects.. just good energy and weight loss results.


April 19, 2009   

  RATING: 1 out of 5

"... It doesnt work....not enough Yohimbin HCL ( you need 30mg+ ),too much coffeine.Take the original classical YECA Stack,that work definitly"

April 8, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I been useing lipo6 advanced for about six months now and i enjoy it. And i can see it working.went from 310lbs to 286lbs in just two months"

April 7, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5


March 11, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I'm with everybody here. I hope it is better. Hopefully I have enough 6x left though to get me to the release of the "Black"."

February 27, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I can't wait for the official release!! Is it going to be available at this years Arnold Classic?

I am currenty with Nutrex lipo 6x with good results and have also had noticeable results with mass xxplosion and niox in the past."

February 9, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Does anyone have any idea when this is going to become available? I've had good experiences with Lipo-6x and if this is better I want to pick it up asap


January 10, 2009   
Nicky Tricks

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Heard some really good things about black, supposed to be out in March or early spring sometime or so. Never had any back experiences with Nutrex stuff so this should be another good addition to their line."

January 8, 2009   
Milan, OH

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Damn.. another lipo-6! I just finished up the bottle of 6x and had some better than average results.. I was going to use it again but I think I'm gonna hold out on this black version. Is it similar to mitototropin?"

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Nutrex Research - Lipo-6 BLACK!

Lipo-6 BLACK from Nutrex Research Claims to be the End of the Line Full-Body Fat Incinerator!

Nutrex has been on the forefront of successful weight loss with their incredible Lipo-6 products and again with Lipo-6 Black! Lipo-6 Black is being tighyly protected until it's much awaited released but it does claim that Lipo-6 Black is the end of the line full-body fat incinerator! That has us pretty excited, as we know Nutrex will once again add a successful addition to their lipo 6 line. We predict that it will continue in the footsteps in the very popular lipo-6, lipo-6x and lipo-6 hers! Stay tuned for a full report and detailed information on Lipo-6 Black soon here only at fitFlex!

It's time to go beyond "Hardcore" Fat Burners to Fat Incineration!

Lipo-6 Black will be available as 120 Black-Caps per Bottle

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