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December 12, 2011    review
Gene   Age: 36

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Started taking these before my practice sessions (hockey 3 times a week) and to be truthfully honest it works really well. I usually need about 90 minute of boost juice and it does that quite easily. Good flavor and really goes down easy. Much better than gatorade and such, don't have to worry about a crash from the sugars and stuff. Recommend it."

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ABB / Optimum Nutrition - HydroDurance Sport Drink!

Another great supplement to help you get the most out of your workout or physical activity!

Optimum Nutrition has been a long-standing leading in sport nutrition, and now with their latest HydroDurance supplements, they have just taken another step further! This powerful and great tasting sports drink can help you boost your energy levels to new heights! HydroDurance improves your endurance and performance during your workouts, or any other taxing physical activities! Perform at your absolute best with this tested and scientifically proven formula that will lead to better recovery and overall progress improvements with your fitness goals! Take the healthy and long-lasting approach with HydroDurance! Be sure to post and browse the real life testimonials on HydroDurance right here at fitFLEX.. the world's top supplement resource you can truly trust!

Take Endurance & Peformance to the Next Level with HydroDurance!

Optimum Nutrition has Created the Ultimate Sports Drink!

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