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BEAT OVEREATING Why do they say a picky eater "eats like a bird"? Our fine feathered friends consume 40 times their own bodyweight. If you've outgrown your nest, consider these changes in habits and attitude:

1. Be patient

It took you longer than a few days to consume the 4,423 individually wrapped cream-filled cakes and 6,423 orders of fries that settled in your gut. You may need 3-6 months to replace your bad habits with good ones. A long- range plan can help you stay motivated and change those habits for good.

2. Talk to yourself

When that little devil whispers how good that pie will taste, let your other inner voice tell you how good you'll look and feel with a tight, hard body.

3. Make new friends

Don't spend so much time with 400-pound Uncle Clem, whose idea of a snack is a whole pizza (double cheese) with a pitcher of beer. Seek out people who are supportive of your efforts and have similar goals (such as getting rid of love handles, not enlarging them).

4. Don't demand perfection

Instead of leaving death threats on your voicemail if you give in to a food craving, accept the fact that you're not perfect, and you don't have to be perfect to succeed at eating healthy.

5. Slim down your kitchen

You know that cabinet stuffed with Girl Scout cookies and potato chips? Pack it up and ship it to your scrawny cousin George in South Miami. Restock with fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole groins. Don't restrict yourself to celery and carrot sticks. Eat a healthy, balanced, low-fat diet.

6. Cheer yourself on

Every time you eat right, you could grab the pompons and jump up and down, yelling. Better yet, keep a food diary and note your accomplishments and downfalls so you're more conscious of your eating habits. It may not sell like The Bridges of Madison County, but it can help you stay on track - and get back on track quickly if you stray.

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