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The French product, Percutacrine, is generally used in a precontest bodybuilding drug cycle. It is a thyroxine-based solution mixed with alcohol for topical subcutaneous penetration. Not a steroid, this product is a European thyroid hormone indicated for the treatment of hypothyroidism, characterized by a slow, sluggish or nonfunctioning thyroid gland. Sold primarily in France (it's illegal in the United States), Percutacrine is used by numerous bodybuilders during precontest cutting cycles to complement the fat-burning effects of thryoid drugs like Cytomel and Triacana and/or beta blockers like Clenbuterol.

Certain physique athletes will do just about anything to accelerate lipolysis close to a show, and they use Percutacrine to increase metabolic function, which means that carb, protein and fat metabolism will be upped. Percutacrine is lust another of many precontest fat-burning drugs available on the black market, and to my knowledge it has not yet been counterfeited.

There appears to be some localized effect from this drug because of its topical application; perhaps it's lust the dispersing agent that simply dries out the skin, making it feel tighter. Or, geez, maybe it's actually the diet or cardio work kicking in!

Percutacrine is a synthetic agent that mimics T3 thyroid hormone, which is naturally produced by the thyroid gland. If too much synthetic thyroid is taken (and that is usually the case among desperate athletes), some or all of the following side effects can be noticed: nervousness, tremors, headaches, insomnia, anxiety and hypothyroidism. The long-term use of thyroid medication has been shown to irreversibly suppress thyroid function, in which case the user would have to continue thyroid medication for the rest of his or her life to make up for the deficiency.

On its own, Percutacrine is iffy at best. Its alleged efficacy has no acknowledged source or reference or documentation concerning spot reduction of subcutaneous fat. As a best- case scenario, Percutacrine appears to penetrate the bloodstream and enhance overall metabolic function. I'm sure there are athletes that swear by this stuff, but who's to say whether it works as well as they say it does?

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