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January 23, 2013    review
Ken   Age: 47

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Just grabbed this by fluke last year and I have been using it religiously every workout since. It's my first product from this brand, even though I have seen it advertised quite a bit with their test freak, ripped freak etc. Sounded and still does kinda markety. Regardless, this pre-workout WORKS! Just the perfect blend of stimulants, focus, endurance and really wicked pumps every time. Just a good blend of good points that other products have, but for me, this is all packed in one container. I am not sure if it's even available for you guys in the states, but if you're in Canada check it out."

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PharmaFreak - Super Freak

Tired of your lame and boring workouts?... turn it around with this new pre-exercise drink!

PharmaFreak has taken their intense product line to new levels with Super Freak, another addition to the over-populated pre-workout supplements category. As this brand proclaims, nothing is stronger! The truth of the matter is that the majority of concentrated type pre-workout drinks available on the market are just hyped up stimulants.. they don't actually provide you with any muscle builder, recovery or rebuilding ingredients. You might as well just drink a couple cups of coffee before your workouts and save your money. Super Freak is superior because it contains the best bits and pieces of all the so-called leading products out there and jam packs into one! Feed your muscles with the most enhancement ingredients you can get and experience the focus you need to power through and beyond each and every workout.

Never have a lack-luster workout session every again!

Take your Physical Performance to Elite Levels!

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