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PH Levels

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Lactic acid has been called the bad boy of metabolism for about 100 years. Studies by Dr. George Brooks from the University of California, Berkeley, showed that lactic acid is a major player in metabolism. In fact, feeding lactate (lactic acid without the acid) in products like Cytomax improves performance in endurance athletes. Does that mean high blood and muscle acid levels are unimportant during exercise?

No, low pH (high acid) interferes with enzymes that generate energy during exercise. High acid levels send the metabolism into slow motion, If you have ever run 400 meters (once around a standard running track) at full speed, you know what we mean. You start the run full of energy and vigor; you still feel okay on the back stretch, but you're starting to run out of gas; then you hit the back stretch rounding into the final straightaway and feel like someone gave you a shot of Novocain in your legs. You can hardly move them and every stride is a major effort.

Most scientists believe high blood and muscle acid levels (low pH) cause the intense pain and weakness you feel. We know that other chemicals, such as high potassium levels, also contribute to fatigue, but low pH remains the usual suspect.

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