The Power of Positive Thinking for Athletes in Sports & Bodybuilding

Positive Thinking

Anything is Possible with the Positive Mentality to Get There

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You've heard and read about the theory before: If your mind can conceive it, and you believe it, you can achieve it. Positive people are more successful than negative people because they are, well, more positive. Kind of obvious when you think about it, but the University of Ottawa did a study of very successful people in high-stress occupations, such as Michael Jordan and top heart surgeons, and found they share common traits.

Elite doctors and athletes (and, I presume, elite lawyers, businessmen/women and other very successful people too) are able to recover from stark failure without nagging guilt or destructive self-blame. "People who are exceptional have developed that skill of positive thinking. It goes beyond confidence." That's what researcher Judy McDonald of the University of Ottawa told reporters attending a Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons conference in Montreal.

So if Michael misses the big shot right at the buzzer, he's not fazed for long. The next night he's eager to make the big plays again. One miss doesn't dint his armor or self-confidence. It doesn't brand him as a failure in his mind. Some guys are afraid to go for the big play again after they miss, but not superstars like Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretzky. They want to be right in the middle of all the action when stress is highest because they thrive on it. They love the stress.

McDonald investigated the mental abilities of Olympic and professional athletes, as well as 33 surgeons. She found that top doctors and champion athletes also share the following skills:

» a powerful ability to visualize a coming action, mentally rehearsing it in super detail again and again.

» an ability to focus intensely on a goal, shutting out all distractions.

» a high level of commitment and near- obsessive dedication to their sport or specialty.

On the basis of her study results McDonald stated that training programs should be developed to boost the mental readiness of new doctors. Bodybuilders can apply the same mental aptitude to achieving their bodybuilding goals. Remember, if you believe it, you can achieve it.

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