Visualization and Projection Techniques for Success in Fitness..

Projection Techniques

Get the results YOU want with positive projection and visualization

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Take some time before each training session to visualize yourself performing at peak levels in your workout. Picture yourself masterfully succeeding with your goals-using heavier poundages with strict form, squeezing out more reps, generating greater intensity. The following scenario will give you an idea of how to use visualization to improve your workout performance:

With your eyes closed, imagine yourself training with bestial intensity, blasting out rep after grueling rep, driving the target muscle through the pain and forcing peak contraction. You can almost feel the iron melting in your hands as your animal-like effort produces a burning, searing pump. You feel your heart speeding oxygen-rich blood to the pistons you call your muscles as you push yourself to your physical limit and force out the final merciless rep. You can tailor this visualization to the bodypart you plan to train, but be sure to create an image that graphically depicts a fierce training effort. This type of projection actually primes your neuromuscular triggering mechanism and strengthens your capacity to generate more intensity because you've preprogrammed your mind to go into this altered state while you're training.

A recent study conducted at Pennsylvania State University confirmed the effectiveness of this technique. When a group of subject athletes just thought about exercising, their muscles actually responded as if they were being used. These mentally induced muscular contractions were measured and recorded on sensitive electromyograph machines. Each time you mentally rehearse before a workout, the effects on your training performance become more pronounced.

NIGHT PREPARATION for the Sessions Ahead!

In bed, just before you fall asleep, create a vivid mental image of yourself possessing the physique that represents bodybuilding success to you. Bodypart by bodypart, this super you is your ultimate goal. Next, imagine this super you standing in front of a full-length mirror wearing a posing suit. Perform several different poses from the front, side and rear, and as you hit those shots, see and feel this winning physique as an already accomplished fact.

You have it within you to turn this potential into reality. After about 10 minutes let yourself drift off so your subconscious can digest this blueprint for success while you sleep. Recognize that each workout brings you one step closer to becoming the image you're visualizing and reinforcing. You literally program a desired objective into your subconscious, which directs your actions during your workouts toward creating your visualization of success.

This process is a natural action of the mind, but in order to use it to full advantage, you must banish all doubts and replace them with unconditional belief in your potential.

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