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November 27, 2012    review
Joey   Age: 36

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Excellent! I was actually using con-cret before and decided to use this and prefer it. I use it before training as it really does give you an excellent energy / focus boost as well. A little bit of niacin I think as it gives you some tingles, but not too much like C4. After a few weeks really have better workouts, pumps and endurance. Great flavors as well. Love this new company and really hope they expand their line, maybe a protein powder would be good."

February 1, 2012    review
James   Age: 44

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I have now been using betacret for about 5 weeks and I am hooked. I never used the concret version, but decided to go ahead with this one as concret is already inside. I have my serving about 30 minutes before every workout and no kidding it's like someone light a match under my butt! The energy kick is great, but no overwhelming like 1MR that just make me shake. I really do think it has helped me with my recovery and strength gains as well as I can see progress that wasn't there before. I am interested in adding the glutatren product as well, any experiences what that one fellas?"

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ProMera Sports - Beta-Cret Beta-Alanine

Experience powerful and long-lasting workout with this pre-training intensifier!

ProMera Sports supplements struck a home run again with their Beta-Cret pre workout bodybuilding supplement drink! Standing on the shoulders of the continuous success of their Con-Cret creatine supplement, they have added it to the formula and more to truly give a knockout punch to the rest of the competition out there today. Beta-Cret is precisely created and formulated to give you a boost of energy and endurance for your workout like never before. Never go into another workout with minimal intensity or drive.. instead make the best gains of your life each and every session! Get out those extra few reps and sets and truly make a difference in your progression. Improve focus and concentration and truly make the most out of every workout for awesome muscle gains and strength progression! Get started today with Beta-Cret!

From the makers of Con-Cret comes Beta-Cret - Get Started!

The Ultra Micro Concentrated Pre-Workout Powerhouse!

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