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If you think back to when you first started training, you may recall that you were sometimes frustrated by your lack of proficiency with the weights. Maybe you were exhausted by a brief workout while others around you were heaving five times the weight for a lot longer.

As you continued to apply yourself in the gym, the task got easier and easier. Working out became part of your normal schedule, and now if you skip a day, you ready miss it.


How did you transform yourself from somebody who practically had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the gym into someone who really kicks butt? I've heard it called stick-to-itiveness. Another popular phrase is, "Just do it." There's a lot of truth to that.

Nobody ever got good at something without doing it. Maybe Dorian Yates does have tremendous genetics for bodybuilding, but you can be sure he didn't get to the Mr. Olympia stage without lifting weights and paying attention to his nutrition.

If achieving a great physique is your goal, then it's essential to lift weights with discipline and get sufficient rest- and eat enough good food to fuel growth. If your metabolism is a fats one, you're going to need to supplement your weight training with a lot of quality calories.

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