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December 16, 2013    review
Paul   Age: 26

  RATING: 1 out of 5

"... Seriously.. this is a JOKE. Anybody that actually thinks they can make a NOTICEABLE change in their growth hormone levels naturally are nuts. Sure they can budge it but it will have ZERO visible effect as real GH does."

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SAN - elixAIR hGH

Finally a Safe and Highly Effective hGH Supplement that is Affordable for Everybody!

SAN supplements have been coming on strong with products such as their latest elixAIR hGH growth hormone releasing phenomenon! The benefits of raising your natural levels are tremendous and overlooked by many people as they actually believe that getting is just that, getting old. Well it's been proven that as we age our GH and testosterone levels drop quite dramatically from the age of 35. Side effects of this are quite dramatic and can be reversed and restored with the use of today's products such as elixAIR hGH. To list just some, that would include lower your body fat levels, improving your healthy cholesterol, boost your immune function, skin health, bone density and more. The most significany as well for most people especially athletes is the improvement of lean muscle mass and strength. As we age these things all diminish, but with elixAIR hGH you can slow down the clock and live your life like YOU want to.

elixAIR Improves your NATURAL Levels

Optimize and Restore your Body's Anti-Aging Hormones Today!

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