Science Finds a Cure for Balding

Science and Balding

Associated Press, Nov. 22, 2005

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High testosterone levels natural or otherwise increase the risk of male pattern baldness in genetically sensitive men. In the past, balding men had few choices: wear poorly fitting wigs, undergo painful and expensive hair transplants, use chemicals that promote hair growth (Rogaine and Propecia) or go au natural like Michael Jordan. Science is coming to the rescue: a British company called Intercytex has developed a way of cloning healthy hair follicles into bald spots.

They extract healthy hair, clone them in the lab and then inject them into the thinning scalp. While the method is promising, at this time it can't restore a full head of hair. Work on hair cloning is progressing rapidly in the United States and Great Britain, so we may soon have a cure for male pattern baldness

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