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December 16, 2013    review
Bill   Age: 35

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... Never made it to the market but from the research I had done on it, it was really an awesome product. Let's see what the future brings for this company."

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SciVation - DH30 Pro - Post Workout Recovery

From the trusted brand that brought you the best selling XTEND comes the all new DH30 Pro!

SciVation hit the market a few years back and continues to surprise us with breakthroughs such as DH30 Pro! From the company that literally created the intra workout category with their flagship product XTEND, comes a next level generation of post-workout recovery enhancement. The XTEND formula is simple yet extremely effective method to funnel and fuel your body with BCAA's, well the new DH30 Pro formula takes the same simple concepts for real results you can count on. DH30 Pro is composed of a four step process consisting of increasing blood flow to enhance BCAA availability into your system. This is followed by a series of steps designed to signal and promote anabolism to the max so you can recovery and grow faster then ever. The key to DH30 Pro is that it utilizes the power of nitric oxide as a post-workout ingredients to increase blood flow and key nutrient uptake for when your muscles need it most. Some key growth enhancing and recovery ingredients included in DH30 Pro are creatines and low-molecular weight proteins that are leucine rich. With the power of DH30 Pro, you can be sure to maximize muscle growth, recovery and avoid fat gains. Be sure to try this new groundbreaking product from SciVation and share your total experience with us at fitFLEX - you're only trusted online supplement reviews destination today and tomorrow!

Leading-Edge Protein Technology with Post Workout Vasodilation!

World's TRUE Anabolic - Muscle - Recovery DH30 Pro Complex!

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