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July 6, 2013    review
mark   Age: 35

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Great product that really work...its the beast i ever take for 3 years now and the most importand is that is not gonna shout douw your own testosterone as the chemichal testosterone out in market...remeber that the injection testosterone therapys have a after a long years periods very sad effects.Great energy great sex drive ...for me 5 stars"

May 14, 2011    review
Karter G.   Age: 32

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... This is the probably the first supplement I ever started taking.. probably say 15 years ago now. One of the first hand in hand when creatine became a big hit. Tribulus, specifically from Sopharma has and always will be my favorite. I have tried others along the way, usually by the big brand names out there and none of them have given me the clean good results Tribestan does. It is a little bit pricier than the average trib product but it is very pure and effective, in my opinion. It provides just enough of a boost that it makes a slow but noticeable difference in weight loss, strength and my favorite, muscle gains. Hard looking muscle too.. not the watery creatine type based that is not really muscle. Anyway, enough about what I think.. at least I do recommend that you guys give it a go if you are considering it."

November 18, 2007   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Been using tribestan for over 6 years now on and off. The best tribulus out there, gauranteed!"

May 31, 2007   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I actually take tribestan every day now (double dose on training days) for over 7 years and continue to have good results. Since my testosterone levels are always peaked, I have no problem adding good muscle, recovering fast and also the great bonus.. having a full libido all the time is super. It's a bit more expensive than others, but I find this version from Bulgaria is the most potent and contains the highest quality of tribulus terrestris. Try it once (one package) and you'll get hooked, it really does work that fast and that well."

February 16, 2007   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I agree.. tribestan is the most potent tribulus terrestris that I have came across. The pills are actully sweet tasting as well and smooth so very easy to digest."

February 8, 2007   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I have been using tribestan for years.. over 8. It is a safe and natural way to boost your testosterone levels, to make good strength and muscle gains. Very easy to swallow and no sideeffects. It is the highest quality tribulus on the market."

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Sopharma Bulgaria - Tribestan

Daily Usage has Shown Reduced Catabolism plus an Increase with Muscle Recuperation

Sopharma Bulgaria pharmaceuticals is the premier source from tribulus supplements with their ground breaking Tribestan formula. The wonderful thing about this naturally grown ingredient is that it's 100% safe and effective to help men boost their testosterone levels. That's right, that means you can improve your success with your weight training by seeing better gains in new muscle and strength much quicker then without. Dramatically reduce any catabolism of your lean muscles and give your recovery time a superb boost. This will allow you to be able to train more frequently for longer periods of time without burning out. Some other benefits include getting a better nights sleep which is also essential as that is the actual time when your body does the growing and rebuilding. Using only pure extracts from the Puncture Vine located in Bulgaria, it is by no question the closest you will get to anabolics as is possible.

Used by Elite Athletes and Body Builders to Enhance Performance

The Most Popular & Effective Tribulus Terrestris since the 70's

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