Professional Athletes & Anabolic Steroids: Do all Pro Athletes Abuse?

Steroids and Professional Athletes

Has our Pro Sports Arena Become a Anabolic Pool of Cheat?

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Now-a-days, we all know that drug taking is pretty common, but for some it's still hard to believe that all professional athletes in sports such as football, basketball, hockey, baseball, boxing, and track and field take anabolic steroids or enhancers. What do we think?

Yes, many of them take anabolic steroids. In fact it is estimated that over 95 percent of all athletes in the NFL take steroids. If NFL players did not take steroids, especially Deca, they would never heal in time after injury to play the number of games. Pro athletes of all types take steroids, but let's key in on football players. The very essence of the game is to hit each other. When you have two 280-pound linemen slamming into each other at full speed, something has to give. The human body is just not meant to take that kind of punishment on a regular basis. Football players get so bruised and busted up after each and every game they play that they need a week before they can play again. Steroids not only allow them to recover energy faster - as well as to make them bigger, stronger, and more muscular- they also allow them to heal quicker.

I have a friend who played four years with the Dallas Cowboys and ten years in the CFL with the Toronto Argonauts. The stuff he told me they do just to make it through a game is unbelievable. When you see guys on TV warming up on the field butting heads and slamming each other with their shoulder pads, that's all adrenaline and uppers. Before the game these same guys come hobbling into the locker room like old men. Some of them can barely walk. These guys play with pain every game. My friend has had so many shoulder and knee surgeries it's a joke. He told me it's all part of a game.

Football players are expected to play through injuries that would sideline most athletes. For instance, my friend said that when he got one of his fingers bent back so completely on a play that the joint separated, the coach and other players would have laughed at him and thought he was nuts if he'd said, "Coach, my index finger was bent right back to my wrist and is now disjointed. I can't play." Instead he went over to the bench, had the trainer snap the finger back into place and tape it up. He was expected to be back in the game for the next play. My friend said the game is so rough that there's no way the players could play without steroids to help speed up healing and recovery time. Roids are a fact of life for all pro athletes. Athletes take steroids, GH, speed, an any other drug that will help them prolong their careers and give them an edge on their opponents. One parting word about pro athletes. Most have terrible diets and know little about supplementation and nutrition. It's amazing how ignorant they are on the topic. If only they knew it, pro athletes - especially football, hockey, basketball, and soccer players - could be greatly helped with many of today's popular supplements. They would recover better between games and have more energy and endurance. Any high school or college athlete who's looking to enhance performance should seriously think about using supplements. I would definitely recommend creatine monohydrate and a protein powder for packing on muscle.

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