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April 30, 2013    review
Jason   Age: 33

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I am on my last container and hear it's been discontinued. Not really sure why as I never had any bad side-effects and the product is easily the best bet for pre-workout out there. Really all around great experience when using this and anyone that I have talked to agree. Hopefully they are just reformulating it or something along those lines, perhaps a version 2?"

December 26, 2010    review
Hank IV   Age: 20

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I got this from my training partner, 2 tubs. Really excited with the results as my pumps are really sweet and I can actually train harder and longer. I don't think it's in my head as it's been a few weeks now. Overall, very good!"

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ThermoLife - Pre Workout PUMP-BOL Formula!

All NEW Pump-Bol by ThermoLife Introduces PUMP NT/NO Advanced Nitrate Technology!

ThermoLife supplements has created an interesting new powerful pre-workout formula, Pump-BOL! Pump-BOL is an advanced pre workout formula that claims to be active in your system for a full 8 hours post-workout to help your muscles growing and improving in recovery to the max! Staying clear of stimulants that fool you into thinking that your product actually does something, Pump-BOL is fuels by ingredients that actually deliver results! Ingredients scientifically proven to work, ThermoLife has created a product that gets right to the point. One key bonus is that even without adding all the stims and flavorings, Pump-BOL is truly delicious so you can actually enjoy the drink instead of having to force it down the hole! In a direct comparison between Pump-BOL with SuperPump 250, Nano Vapor and Black Powder, ThermoLife was the only product to be fueled with nitrate technology, available in a non-stimulant formula and finally the only product to contain proven components for pumps that last an incredible 8 hours! Get serious with you pre-workout nutrition by supplementing with Pump-BOL today and be sure to return to post your genuine reviews and ratings right here at fitFLEX!

Deliver Results you can Count On Every time - FAST!

Pump-BOL Continues to Build Muscles for 8 HOURS Post Workout!

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