Time released growth horomone is effective

Time Released GH

Journal Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism, 91: 2926-2940, 2006

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Growth hormone (GH) supplements are popular with bodybuilders, power athletes and older adults. GH decreases with age, leading to bone and muscle loss, decreased mobility, obesity, reduced energy levels, heart disease and premature death. Supplements often reverse these problems and lead to improved quality of life.

GH is extremely anabolic and a proven fat fighter. Unfortunately, GH supplementation requires daily injections, which can be inconvenient and painful for some people. Scientists developed a sustained-release growth hormone that requires less frequent injection intervals. German scientists found that blood levels of GH returned to normal resting values within 36 hours after injection using the sustained release GH compared to six hours for short-acting growth hormone. Long-acting growth hormone may be a good alternative for people who have problems with daily injections.

It will also provide higher sustained levels of OH, which will increase the effectiveness of the drug.

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