Training Solo: Working Out Without a Training Partner or a Spotter

Weight Training Solo

There are many variables you need to take advantage of in the gym

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Filling the void left by the absence of a good training partner, especially the role he or she plays as a spotter, is difficult. But with some standard equipment and a little resourcefulness, you can safely train alone without sacrificing the benefits of a spotter. Here are a few ideas to consider:

The Smith Machine

The Smith machine is the solo lifter. Essentially, this free-weight apparatus allows barbell movement in a vertical plane only. The guides can limit the freedom of motion slightly, but that's a small tradeoff for the ability to lock the bar's movement with a twist of your wrist. A variety of movements can be performed on the Smith machine, and with the built-in safety hooks, you don't have to worry about failing on the last rep. So go ahead, lift as heavy as you like, or load it up and do some heavy reps. You'll find the Smith machine to he quite versatile, and you'll never catch it watching the ladies when you suddenly realize you need immediate assistance.

Other Machines

Free weights are the first choice of any bodybuilder dedicated to maximizing muscular development, but machines do have a time and place. One of those times is when you feel the need to lift heavy hut don't have a spotter. Most new equipment is well designed and will effectively stimulate the target muscle. Trying new machines will add variety to your workouts and can also stress the muscle in a slightly different way than it's accustomed to.

Unilateral Movements

Before giving up on a workout just because you don't have a spotter, consider spotting for yourself. Yeah, you i-cad it right. Think about any movement you perform unilaterally (one side of the body at a time) and you'll realize that one limit is free while the other is working. Whether you're using a cable, machine or dumbbell, the resting limb can assist when the other side reaches the point of muscular failure.

Other Techniques

Maybe you're stuck in one of those hotels that has only an old Universal Gym or just a Few assorted dumbbells. No point in working out if you can't lift heavy, right? Wrong. Now's the perfect time to change things up a bit and do something your muscles won't expect. Why not use less resistance and add more reps? Give yourself a good endurance workout, maybe even do a circuit that hits all the major muscle groups. What about doing some cardio? We all need it, and most places at the very least have a pool and/or stairs.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, remember that being without a spotter isn't a valid excuse for skipping a workout, Use some imagination with the equipment you have, arid you'll discover ways to add zest to your training routine.

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