Tips for Triceps - Improve your Triceps with Exercises & Techniques

Triceps Tips and Techniques

There are many variations to exercise for optimal growth results

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And on the bodybuilding stage, that means a gravely deficient physique. Fortunately, while the triceps muscle group is a complex bodypart, it will respond quickly to a simple but intelligent program. Keep in mind that the triceps consists of three heads - lateral (outer), long and medial (inner) - each of which must receive specific treatment in your training.

In order to develop massive triceps, the natural bodybuilder must gear his training toward basic, heavy movements and keep his repetitions for the last three sets of each exercise in the range of six to eight. I recommend the following exercises:

Close-grip bench presses. Hands should be placed six to eight inches apart. Slowly lower the bar to your sternum and press straight upward with strict control, concentrating on full triceps lockout. If you experience wrist discomfort, try a re-verse, shoulder-width grip.

Barbell or dumbbell seated triceps extensions. Arms should be overhead and angled slightly backward in order to maintain tension on the triceps. Lower the bar to the base of your neck, then press upward using triceps only, not shoulders. Do not allow your elbows to drift outward during the movement or they will be placed under excess stress.

Triceps pushdowns. Keep your grip shoulder width, arms close to the body and elbows angled slightly forward. Begin the movement with the bar at mid-chest; finish with knuckles pointed toward the floor. Do not allow upper arms to swing during the exercise.

Stretch adequately between sets and keep these "Big Three" basics in your program, and you'll be second to none in natural triceps mass.

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