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JACK3D Micro
JACK3D Micro by USPLabs

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August 26, 2012    review
Mike   Age: 45

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hey guys.. damn impressed with this one. I don't have much previous experience with preworkout drinks expect noxplode and superpump250 but this in my opinion blows them all away. Will use this for some time to come."

August 25, 2012    review
George   Age: 18

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I have never used the original but I decided to grab this as it went on a good sale here. Anyways, about two weeks and 8 workouts later I LOVE IT. Now I know what everyone was always raving about at my gym, it's a really great energy boost and I've never had such as sweet pump with every single workout - even my legs had veins in them after extensions. Also tastes good compared to the other types that you have to pretty much plug your nose with."

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USPLabs - Jack3d Micro New Formula!

Take Advantage of this Upgraded Formulation to Transform your Workout Performance & Results

USPLabs always set new standards and trends in the industry with ground breaking innovations such as with their newly re-formulated JACK3D Micro! As the names describes, this version is a highly potent micronized variation that delivers the ingredients faster than before. The same great pumps, focus and performance advantages that you've come to know form the original formula have remained intact with a handful of improvements. The energy that you experience is long lasting and does not leave you with a crash post workout. They've also taken out the annoying tingles effects so you can get on with your workout without these hurdles. The main players seem to be L-Citrulline, Arginine Nitrate, Agmatine Sulfate and Grape Seed extracts. If you've missed out on the original legend then try this upgrade to get on board!

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Available in a Delicious and Easy to Mix Fruit Punch Flavor!

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