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June 7, 2011    review
Tailor   Age: 32

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I've never personally tried creatine or liquid creatine for that matter but I am quite interested and from the read up it seems interesting to say the least. Does anybody have the release date on this product.. I think I'd like to give it a try."

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VPX - Liquid Creatine PLASMA

Fast acting creatine in a liquid phase is your ticket to fast absorption for fast results!

VPX has re-vamped the market of creatine supplements with their latest release, Creatine Plasma! The success behind this latest technological marvel from VPX Sports, is that this creatine form allows for ultra fast absorption with literally zero bloat side-effects. Now, we are all well aware of the powerful effects of creatine on improving lean muscle mass gains, overall performance, powerful increase in strength and overall recovery times.. and with Creatine Plasma we get it done faster and more efficiently! The fact remains, that creatine supplementation is very safe and effective and is the single most potent supplement to enhance your training, progress and recovery. Whether you are using creatine now or in the past, or better yet never before, give Creatine Plasma a shot and you'll be glad you did! With delicious grape and exotic fruit flavors, you'll enjoy the taste and results!

Creatine Plasma is 100% Approved for Drug Tested Athletes!

Experience Lightning Fast Creatine Absorption with Zero Bloating!

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