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November 8, 2014    question
aniket pqtil   Age: 22

"... After having giant gains does it affect on kidney or does it injurious to health"


December 2, 2014
response by Rual

No, as long as you follow the directions and go for regular check-ups.

January 20, 2012    review
George   Age: 34

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I do like this for the results but the flavors is not the best. If you want better flavor try the gaspari real mass or mutant mass.. but in terms of ingredients and results I prefer this one. I am a hardgainer by trade but these shakes really do help to slow down my metabolism and help me pack on a few pounds. I do 6 scoops a day with skim milk, so 3 scoops per shake. One in the morning and one mid-afternoon."

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VPX - Giant Gains - Weight Gainer

Don't delay with your ultimate muscle & weight gain potential .. start gaining with Giant Gains!

VPX Sports supplements have ventured into the weight gainer category with their latest, Giant Gains! The key to bulking up is to take in more calories then you burn each day, and with almost 1000 calories per serving, Giant Gains is the key to make it easier for you to do so. Now, in addition to this required high quality caloric intake, Giant Gains includes 52 grams of muscle building proteins as well. The formulation has been specifically designed from the ground up to help you add muscle instead of fat - which is what most of the other weight gainers on the market do. Not only will you get the nutrition you need, but you'll enjoy the rise as VPX is famous for their delicious and rich flavor selections on all of their products. Stop wasting time with other products and start making the gains you work so hard for, add Giant Gains to your arsenal today for better results tomorrow!

Giant Gains contains 990 Muscle Building Calories - Get Huge!

Enjoy 52g of High Quality Delicious Proteins in every serving!

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