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VPX - LiquiMINS - Liquid Multivitamins!

An Advanced Liquid Vitamin & Mineral Supplement Aim Directly at the Needs of Athletes!

VPX has stepped up their game in the supplement world with their all new Liquimins! This advanced and super charged liquid vitamin and mineral supplements is designed for athletes! Your body goes through a long tough process to recover and rebuild your muscles from one workout to the next, so why not speed up this process with Liquimins? This easy to use and delicious product makes taking your daily requirements of vitamins and essential minerals a breeze! Start taking your workouts and especially your deserving results serious and add Liquimins to the mix today!

Easy to Drink Daily Vitamin Supplement Servings - Liquimins!

Fuel your Muscles & Well Being with Essential Minerals & Vitamins!

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