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July 14, 2012    question
Jesse   Age: 30

"... My wife and I just started using the redline ultra hardcore with no real side effects. Can you use a carb blocker supplement when using this product? "


July 15, 2012
response by Jones

Yes you can, it will help with the weight loss. Remember to keep your eye on your diet, this carb blocker doesn't mean you can just go nuts on carbs.

October 14, 2010    question
JOESPH   Age: 27

"... Can i still take this product if i have the flu or a cold????if so can i take any medication such as dayquile or tylanol for pain!!!!if so how would i take it do i have to whait a cirtin amount of time before i can take any medicatioN???? THANKS"


September 10, 2011
response by Rick

Since redline is a stimulant based supplement, it is probably not the best idea to mix it with cold or flu medicine. Besides, when you are sick you should take time off from training, supplements and everything and rest. Drink your liquids, increase Vitamin C and wait it out. Your body is busy fighting the virus so there isn't really much elbow room to burn fat or gain muscle. So relax, and when you are healed up get back to it full force.

March 31, 2010    review
mike   Age: 25

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I've used just about all of the latest "popular" fatburners on the market, and have never been disapointed in vpx products including redline. I'm not the guy who measures fat loss in pounds, but rather by look and definition because whats the point of losing weight if you burn up all your hard earned muscle? Personally I love the product. It has helped me reach some of my physique goals that I couldn't reach with other similar products. Best fatburner I've used post ephedra ban. Can't give it a 5 due to using sum pharmaceuticals,but guarantee you will not be disapointed. Hope that helps!"

June 25, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Sweet! Another great redline release. Pill looks like the one nutrex makes with their lipo 6 liquid capsules, except better. Looks to be in liquid packed with the red and yellow dots.. very cool for sure.

Never had a bad experience with redline's, and I've used each one as it came out. Really excited to give this one a go."

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VPX - RedLine ULTRA Hardcore - NEW!!

VPX Has Taken the Incredibly Successful RedLine Product to the Ultra Hardcore Level!

VPX has created the world's first and most advanced tri-action pharmacokinetics, RedLine Ultra Harcore! The Tri-Action LIQRUSH and Multi-Stage Microtab delivery innovation is Biotechnology exclusive to VPX. First, the clear faster acting liquid delivers submicron actives into your body within seconds. Yellow Microtabs then go to work in minutes and deliver potent fat incinerating ingredients for three hours. When all other fat burners fail Redline Ultra Hardcore Red Microtabs release into the system from 3 hours up to 7 hours!

New 7-Hour Tri-Action Delivery - RedLine Ultra Hardcore!

Faster Acting! Stronger Stacking! Longer Lasting!

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