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Juan Morel Diet Plan & Workout Routine plus Photo Gallery

Juan Morel Juan Morel Juan Morel Juan Morel Juan Morel Juan Morel
Juan Morel Juan Morel Juan Morel Juan Morel Juan Morel Juan Morel

Juan Morel DIET PLAN

Juan is know for his extremely fast metabolism, so he often, actually daily, gets away with eating crap most of the time while staying ripped. He's know for massive cheat days as well, insane!

Now this isn't the typical off-season diet that most people can follow without getting just flat out fat, but it works for Juan. For entertainment purposes only, here's his bulk plan:

Breakfast - Protein Pancakes, Turkey Bacon, 6 Whole Eggs

Meal 2 - Swiss Hamburger, Steak Fries, Diet Coke

Meal 3 - Protein Shake with Almond Milk, Cake and Ice Cream Pint

Meal 4 - 4 Scoops of Weight Mass Gainer with Water

Meal 5 - Lasagna, Chicken Parm, 4 Slices of Pizza, Fried Calamari, Meat Sauce Spaghetti

Meal 6 - Bagel, 6 Whole Eggs, Turkey Bacon, Cheese Slices


Training at the East Coast Mecca, Juan has been known for very long, intense and heavy training sessions. If you're looking for where all the 45 pound plates are, it's probably in his grasp.

While pounding out heavy weights, he's know for all out brute force just to move the weight. More popular for his insane front squat poundages, he's one serious mass monster! Here's his back attack:

Deadlifts - 10 to 15 reps of 6 sets. Superset with Wide-Grip Chins.

Barbell Bent-over Row - 10 to 12 reps of 4 sets. Superset with Wide-grip Lat Pulldown.

T-bar Row - 15 reps of 4 sets. Superset with One-arm Dumbbell Row.

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