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Latest Published Articles for 2024

Personal Trainer in St Thomas - Ontario

If you on the hunt for transforming your body and overall health, then look no further than George Cermak based out of St Thomas, ON. This personal trainer with 30 years experience is available for online coaching as well as one-on-one personal training in a private home gym studio. Be sure to take advantage of his expertise to help you reach your gaols ..

Pork Chop Diet: Loss with High Fats

Like most people in bodybuilding I was of the belief that one should avoid fat for fear of gaining unwanted bodyfat. Recently, however, I was speaking with Dr. Di Pasquale on the phone, when he suddenly blurted out that he was working on a diet that was the total opposite of the popular John Parrillo plan, which is a diet that's very high in complex carbs, high in protein ..

Weight Loss and Smoking

According to an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1987, habitual smoking causes more premature deaths than AIDS, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, fire, automobile accidents, homicide and suicide combined. In a tobacco-free society the life expectancy gain would be equal to that which we would experience all cancers not caused by ..

Triple-Threat Sets for Working Out

The triple-threat technique condenses three sets into one. Let's stick with laterals for our example. Take a pair of dumbbells that you can crank out six to eight strict reps with-say, 35-pounders. As soon as you hit failure, put the 35's down and immediately grab the 25's. Rep out with these until you hit failure, probably around rep four, put them down and ..

Train to Strengthen your Immune System

While we know that diet plays a profound role in the growth or prevention of cancer, it's not clear whether there's a similar link between exercise and cancer. Even so, several studies have shown a reduced risk of estrogen-sensitive cancers in women who exercise regularly. A recent ..

Different Types of Muscle Fibers

Voluntary muscle contraction requires a number of steps. It starts with an electrical signal in the brain, a signal to contract. The signal travels along a nerve, first to the spinal column, then to the muscle. When the nerve approaches the muscle, the nerve branches into many tiny fibers ..

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