Phil Heath's Diet Plan & Workout Routine plus Photo Gallery

Phil Heath DIET PLAN

One of the fastest rising bodybuilding stars in the history of the sport, Phil has gone on an amazing winning streak to actually win the Mr Olympia title. This takes hard work and dedication and a strict diet off-season and contest time!

Let's take a closer look at his off-season bulking diet to help him pack on his extraordinary size!

Meal 1 - 12 oz chicken, 1 cup egg whites, 1 cup cream of rice

Meal 2 - 12 oz ground beef, 2 cups white rice

Meal 3 - 12 oz beef tenderloin, 8 oz whole wheat pasta

Meal 4 - 6-8 oz beef tenderloin, 10 oz white potato

Meal 5 - 12 oz chicken, green salad

Meal 6 - 12 oz ground beef, green salad


Phil has never been known for any special training programs or superior strength, but under his current coach and nutritionist he utilizes a super-set, drop-set approach called FST-7. It helps truly burn out the muscle during training.

Phil is quite a narrow bodybuilder but he makes up for it through certain muscle groups such as his chest and triceps!

Dumbbell Incline Presses - 4 sets, 6-8 repetitions

Dumbbell Incline Flys - 4 sets, 6-8 repetitions

Hammer Strength Bench Presses - 3 sets, 6-8 repetitions

Seated Pec Deck - 7 sets, 6-8 repetitions

Pushdowns with Rope - 3 sets, 12 repetitions

Dips - 3 sets, 12 repetitions

Close-Grip Bench Presses - 3 sets, 6-8 repetitions

Lying Triceps Extensions - 7 sets, 6-8 repetitions


Phil Heath
Phil Heath
Phil Heath

Phil Heath
Phil Heath
Phil Heath

Phil Heath
Phil Heath
Phil Heath