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Steve Reeve's Diet Plan & Workout Routine plus Photo Gallery

Steve Reeves Steve Reeves Steve Reeves Steve Reeves Steve Reeves
Steve Reeves Steve Reeves Steve Reeves Steve Reeves Steve Reeves

Steve Reeves DIET PLAN

Steve Reeves is one of the most memorable legends of the sport of bodybuilding. He was one of the first to move muscle to the silver screen and truly created one of the most perfectly sculpted physiques of all time to this day.

Here is how Steve built his classic physique, the natural way!

Breakfast - Power Drink (orange juice, banana, 4 eggs, knox gelatin, honey and protein powder)

Lunch - Cottage cheese with nuts and raisins with fresh fruit.

Dinner - Swordfish steak with a salad

Rule - Combination of 20% fats, 20% proteins and 60% carbohydrates.


Steve built his famous body through multiple methods and new ideas as he was one of the true pioneers of bodybuilding. He always focused on building a well-rounded and balanced physique that would inspire others to stay fit and healthy.

Steve preferred to train his whole body in one day, here is a typical week for him.

Monday - Military Press, Bench Press, Bent-over Row, Barbell Curl, Triceps Extension, Parallel Squat, Standing Calf Raise, Dead lift and Crunches

Tuesday - REST

Wednesday - Alternating Dumbbell Military Press, Parallel Bar Dip, Pull-up, Alternating Dumbbell Curl, Triceps Extension Bench Press, Front Squat, Seated Calf Raise, Back Raise and Hanging Leg-raises.

Thursday - REST

Friday - Upright Row, Incline Press, One-arm Dumbbell Row, Concentration Curl, Lying Triceps Extension, Dumbbell Lunge, Standing Calf Raise, Dead lift and Sit-ups

Saturday - REST

Sunday - REST

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