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Appetite for Weight Loss

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When you first start dieting, your body often responds with cravings, causing you to binge. That's frequently the reason diets fail. It's not what you want to hear, but you need to commit yourself to your goals and work through the first few weeks.

There are some techniques that may help you and some supplements that may offer some support; however, people manage to fail to lose weight despite surgery, drugs or the most expensive trainers. Conversely, some people succeed without any support, pills or fancy gym equipment. I believe that taking a few goal achievement steps will help in this case. Anthony Robbins has an audiotape series that's excellent. His infomercials are broadcast nearly every day, or the library or Internet may provide you with a phone number for ordering.

I also wonder if you may be trying too hard. If your body senses an extreme change in your eating habits, it may try to compensate with the bingeing you describe. Perhaps giving yourself more realistic goals and not fixating on the problem may help as well.

You should adopt the six-times-a-day feeding schedule used by bodybuilders. Try to eat a moderate amount of protein and fat with each meal. That strategy has been used by most people with success, and once you get used to the frequency of eating, it's quite simple. The two key figures to keep in mind are your total daily calories and protein.

As far as supplements go, your specific problem requires appetite suppressants. Redux and phen-fen were the flagship products until those Food and Drug Administration-approved substances led to some problems-notably deaths and injury. The current pharmaceutical options haven't been available long enough to be thoroughly evaluated yet. Over-the-counter or "nutritional" products are available as well, although no one seems to be reporting great success with any one product. I have developed one that will be released shortly. I can't say it will work miracles, but it combines the strengths of several different appetite-suppressing mechanisms.

5-HTP is being hailed as an appetite suppressant, and many products utilize it; however, a recent finding throws out a cautionary signal. An impurity has been identified in six brands-an impurity that's nearly identical to the one blamed for the outbreak of eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS) in 1989 that caused 38 deaths and affected more than 1,500 people. So the lesson is repeated: Don't buy from a company you can't trust. I can't emphasize that enough.

One last bit of advice: Take advantage of high-fiber foods. The fiber binds fat, gives you a feeling of fullness and imparts other important health benefits. Avoid processed flour products, such as bread and pasta, and drink lots of water.

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