Athletic Health Benefits of Vinegar - Can Vinegar Aid Digestive System?

Benefits of Vinegar

There are many options for helping your body natural through foods

Vinegar could help your physique look better and you feel better by promoting digestion of all that food you are scarfing, as well as being a great substitute for high-fat condiments. Most types of vinegar have no fat, little sodium and few calories, and some varieties are rich in fiber, potassium and antioxidants. But how can vinegar help a bodybuilder? The Healing Powers of Vinegar, by Cal Orey, spells it out. Vinegar - especially apple cider vinegar - can be used to provide bulk (as fiber) to flush your system and keep your metabolism on track. It may even aid in curing muscle cramps and calming an acidic or alkaline upset stomach.

Many of Orey's conclusions about the effectiveness of vinegar for everything from clearing up dandruff to curing a headache to shrinking varicose veins are admittedly unproved by scientific studies, but this does not mean that vinegar should be slighted. It is, without a doubt, a bodybuilder-friendly food. In fact, some of Orey's most compelling arguments center on vinegar as an aid in digestion and contend that fiber content in some types of vinegar can actually reduce the amount of fat absorbed by the body. Digestion and decreased fat absorption are definitely two qualities close to a bodybuilder's heart, especially one who is concentrating on putting on lean muscle.

Selecting the proper vinegar may not be as simple as grabbing the cheapest one off the shelf. According to Orey, the best vinegars are made from organic ingredients and contain no sulfites. The most widely used vinegar in America is apple cider vinegar, a clear or yellow sharp-tasting vinegar. Red wine vinegar is usually a light - to dark-red color and ranges from slightly bitter to slightly sweet, depending on the aging process of the wine. Balsamic is dark red-brown and seems thick if made correctly. Rice vinegar, used in Asia, is usually clear and mild in flavor.

Any of these vinegars can be used by bodybuilders for the above benefits, and for adding flavor to basic bodybuilding foods. Try a spoonful or two of red wine vinegar on a salad instead of salad dressing to cut out fat and add flavor. Bodybuilders can also use vinegar to marinate meat or vegetables before grilling.

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