Eat More & Lose Fat: Burn More Calories When with More Lean Muscle Mass

Eat More and Lose Fat

There are Many Pathways to Success with Weight Loss Goals


A lot of people choose to eat less when their goal is to become leaner. This is not a good way to lose weight because one's aim should be to gain muscle while minimizing fat gain. I assume most readers follow a weight- training and aerobic program. Let's say you are on a 3,000-calorie low-fat diet. It's better to divide these calories into six meals than three meals a day. Whether fat, carbohydrates or protein, if your body can't absorb all those calories the rest will be stored as fat. You have a better chance of absorbing all 3,000 calories if you divide them into six meals instead of three meals a day. Example: 3,000/3 meals = 1,000 calories a sitting; 3,000/6 meals = 500 calories a sitting. Your body will have an easier time absorbing all the calories you have eaten.

If you can eat your meals in this pattern you can afford to eat even more while still achieving your goal of losing fat and becoming leaner. You probably can take in an extra 250 to 500 calories a day on this eating pattern. If possible you should eat every three hours because food is totally digested in a person's stomach after that time. The extra lean carbs you eat will supply your muscle tissue with more nutrients. This food will save you from losing muscle while you add extra aerobic sessions and lower your calories from your off-season or regular diet. This diet tip is based on the fact that muscle bums more calories than fat does. The more muscle tissue you save while you lose fat, the more calories you burn every day, and in turn you can eat more without getting fat.

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