Flex Lewis's Diet Plan & Workout Routine plus Photo Gallery

Flex Lewis DIET PLAN

Flex Lewis is the current 212 Mr Olympia and when you would see him you would never guess that he would be such a light weight. He bulks up during his off-season and really packs on a lot of quality lean muscle mass. He's extremely strict and regimented with his meals, year-round.

He believes strongly the diet and nutrition make up 60% of the bulk of your success as a bodybuilder.

Tip 1 - Remember, always use quality nutrition for quality gains.

Tip 2 - Utilize supplement as they can make dieting a much simpler and time efficient process. Especially pre, during and post training products.

Tip 3 - Be sure to eat every 3 hours or so, never skipping a meal.

Tip 4 - Drink plenty of water which helps your entire digestive system and overall health.

Tip 5 - Weigh your foods and keep a close eye on what you eat so you can make adjustments if need be later on.


Flex is famous not just for his amazing wins and physique but for his trainer whom has helped shape his body and entire career. His trainer is Neil Hill and they often use his personal approach of YT3 training. Flex always puts 100% in to his training and leaves nothing at the door.

If you want to take a closer look at Flex's off-season training split, follow the suggested plan below:

Sunday - Shoulders

Monday - Back

Tuesday - Biceps

Wednesday - Chest

Thursday - Hamstrings and Calves

Friday - Triceps

Saturday - REST DAY

Sunday - Legs

Monday - Repeat Cycle


Flex Lewis
Flex Lewis
Flex Lewis

Flex Lewis
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Flex Lewis
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