The Top 10 Foods to Make you a Strength Athlete

Foods for Strength

Food is Essential for any Fitness Goal

Just the simple thought of food can bring a radiant smile to my face. And if you arc a true strongman or strength athlete, it will bring a smile to your face as well. The words food and strongman are inseparable. Realistically speaking, food I sleep and training are the three I most beloved aspects of life to the strength athlete. There is no other athlete that possesses such a deep appreciation for food like the strength athlete. Don't worry, this article isn't about bow much we like food nor will there by any pretty poems about our favorite dishes. This article will lay out the top 10 foods for the strength athlete that are guaranteed to 5 make you a beast!

10 - Oil

Did I just say oil? Yes, that's right. Don't worry, I am not talking about oil you put your car, but the types that are going to have some very anabolic effects on you body. Oil is one most important foods for the strength athlete. You must be wondering: How could oil be so important? First, specific oils are very caloric dense. Oils have over 100 calories per tablespoon. With this in mind, adding oil to your diet can be one trick that can help pack on the calories, especially when you feel as if you can't add in any more solid foods. It is much easier to add four tablespoons of oil to a protein shake than eat another 500 calories in meat, especially when there is already half a cow on your plate. What types of oil are best to stick with? The best are flax seed oil, hemp oil, fish oil, and extra virgin olive oil. The above oils will supply you with the much needed polyunsaturated and monosaturated oils. One major benefit is that they can increase the big T! That's right. They can increase your testosterone level. So make sure these powerful oils are included in your strongman meal plan.

9 - Potatoes

Yes, potatoes are a true strongman food. Rich in vitamins and minerals, potatoes are an excellent source of nutrients. They are one of the best sources of carbohydrates that are going to fuel you through all your tough workouts. Any true strength athlete knows the benefits of a steak and potatoes dinner. Mmm... I hope I can finish this article without having to eat several meals. Potatoes have about 50 grams of carbs for one large baked potato. Put a little sour cream and chives on top and you have one mouth-watering entree. They are also very convenient and can be easily packed away in your lunch bag without having to worry if they will spoil. Potatoes are one of the best foods to help energize your workouts and help pack in quality calories. If you aren't eating potatoes at least three times a week, now's your chance to reap the power of the potato!

8 - Pasta

Pasta is another carbohydrate that will help maintain your strength throughout your tough workouts. Strength athletes need a variety of carbohydrate sources to keep them fueled up for their intense training. Pasta is one of the best sources. You can choose either white or whole wheat pasta but the latter is more healthful. Don't forget to put some of your homemade sauce with a nice sprinkling of Parmesan cheese to increase your calories. One cup of spaghetti will give you about 40 grams of carbs.

7 - Rice

Rice is another energizer that will help pack on size. There are many different varieties so try them all to see what you like. Brown rice has a lower glycemic index than its white counterparts, so it would be a better choice for preworkout meals. White rice would be better postworkout as it will increase your insulin level more and boost your recovery. One type of rice that is not eaten much in America is basmati rice. This is my favorite. You may Rave guessed that with my last name. It is a type of rice that should be a staple among strength athletes since it has almost three times the calories of regular rice. If you are trying to put on some weight, your choice for rice should be basmati. This type of rice is mainly eaten in South Asian countries. Rice has about 45 grams of carbohydrates per cup and over 200 calories. Rice is an excellent way to supply your body with the carbohydrates it needs to keep you going strong all day long.

6 - Rolled Oats

There's nothing like starting your day with a big bowl of rolled oats. Rolled oats for breakfast will keep you energized all day long. It is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates as well as one of the best sources of fiber. Rolled oats have a low glycemic index which means it won't give you a nice rush only to let you down an hour later. It is high in both insoluble and soluble fiber. This is important, especially for those strength athletes who are on a high-protein diet. Rolled oats are low in fat, and over 80 percent of the fat it contains comes from unsaturated sources. It can also reduce our cholesterol level which is something we can all benefit from. When choosing your rolled oats don't get the ones in nice little flavored packets. These contain excessive amounts of sugar and hydrogenated oils. Get yourself a bag of unrefined rolled oats. The refined versions have all the good aspects leached and unhealthful ingredients added in. So start your day with a big bowl of rolled oats and watch your strength soar

4 - Eggs

Eggs cannot be overlooked in the strongman's diet. The massive strength of years past were built on true strength foods such as whole eggs. Since we are strongmen we don't have to have yolk paranoia like bodybuilders, as long as our cholesterol level is in check. The yolk of the egg has a positive effect on our testosterone level, so don't throw them to the wayside like all those fitness fanatics. They provide about eight grams of protein for a large egg. Best yet, they can be prepared so many ways that make them delicious yet convenient. Egg has the highest biological content of any protein, except for whey, making it better than all meats. I know that may be a shocker, but it's true. Make eggs a part of your strongman diet as they are an essential food that can't be overlooked.

5 - Salmon

Salmon is the true king of fish! Salmon has always been a strongman favorite and for good reason. While bodybuilders of yesteryear were eating can after can of tuna, there was a better fish to get the job done. First, salmon is high in protein. Second, it contains some of the most valuable fats for growth. Salmon contains fat known as EPA and DHA. These are fats from the omega-3 family. Salmon can reduce inflammation from training as well as from injuries because of these special properties. Consuming extra salmon when your tendonitis is acting up is a good idea. These fats are also responsible for increased insulin sensitivity, improved cardiovascular health, and even muscle gains. Throw out that can of tuna and replace it with a fish that will give your health and strength training king-size results!

3 - Steak

Now we are talking strength food. I know you probably started getting worried when you read some of the carbohydrate selection. Don't worry, I couldn't forget this one. It's the breakfast of champions. Nothing goes down like a nice 16 oz. T-bone steak after spending the last hour squatting six wheels a side. Steak provides you with some of the best protein you can get, but even more important - it tastes like a dream. Steak should be part of the strength athlete's diet on a daily basis; otherwise you are giving an advantage to your competitors. Steak contains a natural form of creatine, and we all know the effects it has on our bodies. Plus, all the science aside, you always feel stronger after having a big steak. It's that simple. Steak equals strength. Real strongmen eat steak ... that's the bottom line!

2 - Milk

Come on. You knew this one would be on the list. Milk isn't just for babies. Milk is the strongman drink of champions. Milk supplies the nutrients that a strength athlete needs to build and maintain his strength. It has eight grams of protein per glass and over 100 calories. It is full of calcium and magnesium, two of the most important minerals. You can consume the whole milk versions if you are trying to put on weight, or you can use the skimmed version if you are reducing. Either way, milk is the drink of champions as history has shown for the last century!

1 - Protein Supplement

I know you are probably wondering how a protein supplement could be a food. Some protein supplements are just that, a food. They are such a great source of calories and quality protein, the question should be: How could it not be a food? There are more types of protein formulas out there than you could flip a tire at, but they all lack originality. They get so bogged down with new plant sterol or exotic tree bark, but what do all these nifty ingredients really do? Realistically, most of them do nothing more than clean out your pockets. Stick with a formula that is geared for the hardcore bodybuilder. Find the one that is best for you.

So now that we know what the best foods are for the strength athlete, what are you waiting for? Get to the grocery store and fill your cart with all these powerful foods. These are not the only foods you should be consuming, but they should be the main strength staples in your diet. Hey, don't think that I don't want you to eat anything else - just make sure that the above ten strength foods are a major part of your eating plan. These foods are what made champions years ago, and they will make champions for the future. So put this magazine down and go and eat a massive meal of some of these delicious power foods. I know I will!

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