What Does the Future Hold for Bodybuilding & Anabolic Steroids

Future of Steroids

Applying Research to your Goals through Science

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So let's get right into it, what does the future of bodybuilding hold in terms of drug use? In my opinion, tomorrow's bodybuilder won't have to inject steroids, other growth-promoting hormones, or worse, jab syringes full of oil into lagging bodyparts. The time when those days are gone is not so far away, thanks to genetic engineering.

Don't you think it's coming? Wake up and smell the Sanka, gang - it's already here. Australian farmers are using genetic engineering to produce massive cattle and pigs right now. They no longer bother with steroids. So how is genetic engineering going to work? Well, I'm no molecular biologist but I have been in contact with one top endocrinology professor at a renowned university. He gave me the lowdown, which of course I'll pass on to you.

He told me in no uncertain terms that an intramuscular injection once every six months would be all that's necessary to build and maintain muscle - much like a flu shot. A virus will be introduced into the host (that's you, my little muscle-hungry friend), which will attack muscle fiber cells specifically. Having infected the DNA of your muscle cells, the virus will begin releasing its contents into the muscle nuclei (where all your DNA is held). The virus will input its own DNA into yours, making your muscle cells do things they wouldn't normally do - like grow controllably! How, you ask?

Simple (or not, depending on how much you know about this weird science). Your muscles will begin producing way more fibroblast growth factor. What this ill do is increase the amount of satellite cells outside your muscle fibers. Think of satellite cells as soldiers in training. They have all the talent and physical potential, but just need a little more training to really prod muscle fiber growth. After six months your body will have a boatload of these satellite cells. Then comes another viral injection, this time tricking your muscles to overproduce IGF- 1. IGF-1 will cause all those little soldiers in training to incorporate themselves into your muscle fibers, making them incredibly larger and stronger. This will be the mechanism by which muscle size will be determined a few years down the road.

If that's not crazy enough for you, here's some even crazier science Researchers have pinpointed a certain gene (called the myostatin gene) that's involved in holding muscle growth to a minimum. In essence, it stops your arms from growing out of proportion just because you do a few sets of curls. If you could turn this gene off, your muscles would again grow. And, since myostatin is only found in muscle, only your muscles will grow uncontrollably. Now that top geneticists have nearly mapped out the entire human genome, doff t think this won't happen. It's not that hard to create an anti-myostatin gene delivery system that will effectively turn off your myostatin gene.

This, my friends, is th efuture of bodybuilding. A simple injection once or twice a year will provide growth beyond your or my imagination. Do I hear your tongue wagging and see you shaking your head? But it's not funny when you've actually seen the science work on animals like I have.

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