Over-The-Counter Growth Hormone Supplements - Supplements vs Prescription

GH Supplements

Growth Hormone Supplements Can be Beneficial and Dangerous

A common question we are faced here at fitFLEX is regarding that of Growth Hormone and the potential risks and benefits. More interestingly, growth hormones supplements added to diets that boost growth hormone.. the question does however remain, will I gain muscle? And can I increase my height?

Growth hormone (GH) is an anabolic hormone made naturally in the body, GH appears to stimulate the growth of just about every organ and tissue in the body, including bone, cartilage and muscle. GH is essential for normal growth and development in children and teenagers. However, during the mid- to late teens the bones that contribute to height stop growing. By the time you reach 18 years of age your height won't increase any more whether you take additional pharmaceutical GH or GH-related products. During adulthood GH promotes protein synthesis and a positive nitrogen balance, and also exerts anabolic effects on muscle size and strength. The release of GH is stimulated by a number of factors including exercise, sleep, low blood sugar, creatine supplementation, and the amino acids aginine, lysine, ornithine and tryptophan. Obesity on the other hand reduces GH.

The typical GH products available over the counter at health food stores are properly termed secretogogues. In other words these products contain ingredients that allegedly stimulate the release of your body's own GH. Secretogogues do not contain pharmaceutical GH, which requires a doctor's prescription and must be given by injection. Some scientific data exists to support the GH-releasing powers of certain amino acids and creatine. However, the resulting increase in circulating GH is small, and whether this fractional elevation translates into an increase in muscle size and strength is not proven. Still, a small elevation in the body's GH level may be of benefit to bodybuilders.

If you want to optimize your body s GH level you can do several things. Heavy-resistance exercise is a potent stimulus for elevating anabolic hormones. You can also stimulate the release of GH by getting adequate sleep (eight hours each night), keeping your bodyfat low and avoiding sugar-loaded foods. Supplementing your diet with creatine and GH secretogogues may also provide some benefit in boosting your body s GH level, but if you 're no longer a teen, do not expect an increase in height!

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