GHB for New Muscle Building & Growth - Gamma-Hydroxy-Butyrate

GHB and Muscle Growth

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I've been working out for 12 months with good results, but I want to produce more muscle. Some of my friends told me that gamma-hydroxy-butyrate (GHB) can increase growth hormone and build muscle like anabolic steroids. I also heard GHB is used as a recreational drug because it induces a trance-like state. I'm confused. What's the real deal? Is GHB useful for bodybuilding purposes?


In the United States, possession of gamma-hydroxy-butyrate (or GHB) is illegal and over-the-counter sale of the drug is banned. This substance is a sedative. In other words, it puts you to sleep. The media has labeled GHB as a date-rape drug because sexual predators have been known to misuse it and render their victims unconscious. Some party goers use this substance for a recreational high. As a result of the increasing misuse of GHB, emergency rooms across the USA are seeing a rise in the number of overdoses.

Wonder why on Earth this stuff is rumored to have muscle building benefits? I think rumor is an appropriate term because no significant clinical data is available to support this belief. We know sleep promotes growth hormone release and if you don't get enough (sleep) you won't grow. If GHB makes you sleep better, some people believe they might grow more. The problem is a teaspoon too much of the stuff could put you into a coma.

My mind boggles when considering why a sleep-inducing drug is being promoted as a bodybuilding aid. Chances are if you are illegally using this substance you 11 spend more time asleep on the sofa than you will at the gym. Those of you who are serious about building muscle and staying healthy should leave this drug alone. In fact, forget you ever heard GHB mentioned in the same breath as bodybuilding.

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