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Ornithine-alpha-ketoglutarate (OKG) consists of two ornithine molecules compiled with one alpha-ketoglotarate. 0KG has been used successfully to aid postoperative repair and to treat burns, sepsis and other catabolic conditions; it also inhibits degradation of the contractile proteins in muscles and the decline of muscle glutamine due to trauma. Oases of OKG of 0.35 gram per kilogram of bodyweight per day have been. shown to improve skeletal muscle protein synthesis in postoperative patients. OKG Is used by the body as a fuel source and can spare glucose and raise liver glycogen content. It can also be used to make branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) or branched- chain keto acids (ammonia-free sources of BCAAs), in addition to glutamate and glutamine.

As you can see, OKG has a wide array of biological applications. However, despite OKG's potent effect in reducing loss of muscle mass during catabolic conditions and its role in energy production, this compound has not received positive reviews from exercise science experts. Ornithine-alpha-ketoglutarate has yet to be tested in a healthy resistance-trained population (i.e., bodybuilders). More data is needed, but I believe 0KG may have some usefulness as part of a supplement stacking protocol.

While one supplement might not aid in strength and mass development, stacking and cycling a combination to coincide with heavy training is the wave of the future. Without a solid training protocol, supplements are a waste of time, but reserving them for specific training and competition phases can create awesome effects, thanks to advances in exercise physiology and sports nutrition (branches of scientific research that study how tho body adapts to food and exercise we can now get the lowdown on which supplements really work.

The future of nutritional science is sill both developing supplement stacks to potentiate muscle growth and in better understanding the body's nutritional needs during periods of serious training. DXC appears to be one of those supplements that can be used with others to further growth.

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