Is Pasta a Good or Bad Choice for Nutrition for Bodybuilders?

Pasta for Bodybuilders

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For hardcore bodybuilders, protein's the ticket for the express train to growth. No there is a unique way to get protein and carbs from the same food source in a product (made in Texas) called Whey Cool protein pasta. What's unique about this particular pasta is that it's enriched with whey protein, so much so, in fact, that a serving of 113 grams - that's approximately four ounces - contains 20 grams of protein.

Un-enriched pasta carries only about four grams of protein for a like amount. Moreover, Whey Cool pasta delivers a substantial 419 calories per four-ounce serving, which is almost 300 more calories than an equivalent volume of traditional pasta. Those who hove tried Whey Cool pasta tell us that it doesn't taste bad, either, particularly a) derite (on the firm side), the way most bodybuilders should eat pasta anyway.

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