Bodybuilder Friendly Restaurants - Must Eat Foods for Athletes

Restaurant Healthy Choices

Never Limit Yourself when it comes to Finding Food Choices

Ordering healthfully is the first step in creating a physique-friendly meal, but you also have to pay attention to portion size, and beware the appetizers and desserts. You'll notice that none of our athletes dipped into the bread basket or even ordered dessert. If you seldom go out to eat, you can usually order whatever you want with little consequences to your physique or health, But if the local deli knows you by name, realize that restaurant mega-portions can add thousands of extra calories to your diet in a single week. The following the guidelines below to make restaurant eating healthful and helpful to your physique.


It's easy to mindlessly polish off a couple of baskets of chips, so try limiting yourself to, say 15 chips, then push the basket out of reach. Your best bet is to select items from the a la carte menu, rather than ordering a combination plate. If your entree comes with cheese, sour cream and guacamole, select just one of the three. Choose fajitas, soft tacos, chicken or beef burritos or chicken enchiladas rather than heel/cheese enchiladas, tostadas, chimichangas or tacos made with fried tortillas. Lastly, ask for whole cooked beans rather than refried beans.


Choose thin-crust pizza over thick regular stuffed. Top with ham, Canadian bacon and veggies rather than pepperoni or sausage. Minestrone soup and green salads are great low-fat starters. Many pasta dishes are naturally low in fat, but the extreme portion sizes shoot the calorie count sky-high. The best choices are pasta with marinara sauce or a tomato-based meat sauce. Chicken and veal Parmigiana are breaded, fried and loaded with melted cheese; any Alfredo, cheese or pesto dish will add lots of fat grams to your meal.


Go for steamed rice over fried. Sweet-and-sour or orange chicken dishes are usually deep-fried and loaded with fat and calories. Dishes like cashew chicken are also loaded with calories because of the nuts. Try to order dishes that also come with vegetables, or gel a side of steamed veggies with your meal.


If you're craving steak, order London broil, filet mignon, sirloin or strip steak. Go for barbecue sauce rather than Bearnaise. Choose a broth-based soup or green salad over clam chowder. If you're given a breadbasket, ask the server to remove the butter dish so you aren't tempted. Ask for a baked potato (it you must, choose ether sour cream or butter) rather than French fries. Grilled fish or grilled chicken are both great choices.

Deli / Sandwich Shops

Avoid tuna salad, chicken salad and anything served on a croissant or foccacia bread. Choose sliced roast beef, ham, turkey or chicken over salami or pastrami. Just say no to cheese and mayo. On the side, go for baked chips rather than fried, or get fruit or a garden salad with low-fat dressing.

Fast Food

Avoid double-meat burgers, cheese, sauces and mayonnaise, and toppings such as bacon. Choose grilled over fried, regular-size over giant. We know protein's important, but most protein- rich fast food is also loaded with saturated fat.

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