Sports Drinks Cause Tooth Decay - Teeth Rot from Energy Drinks

Sports Drink and Teeth

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The English are known for their bad teeth. Many people think the English are stuffy and have no sense of humor because they seldom smile, yes, they are stuffy, but they don't smile because of their ugly choppers. The fault for their bad teeth may lie with the athletic fluid replacement beverages they drink. Dental researchers reported that British fluid replacement beverages were 30 times more corrosive to tooth enamel than plain water.

Athletes wore mouth protectors covered with enamel plates to protect their own teeth. The drinks were corrosive enough to dissolve tooth enamel and the supporting dentine underneath. The drinks' high acid content and the athletes' low saliva production are what make sports drinks tooth killers. The drinks are high in acid to increase shelf life and athletes get dry mouth during exercise because they don't produce enough saliva. The researchers suggested that drink manufacturers could make less corrosive products and improve English dental heath. Be true to your teeth or they'll be false to you.

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