How Much Aerobic Training to Attain Muscle Definition & Massive Cuts

Aerobics for Cuts

The Best way to show your Muscle is with Cuts

What is the proper amount of aerobic training required to achieve definition in the muscle and those deep cuts? Well, in order to achieve the much sought after cut look so that your muscles show separation and definition, you must examine two very important aspects of your program - diet and aerobics. They work hand in hand.

For your muscles to show up from underneath your skin, you first have to remove the fat layer covering them. This layer smooths out and hides the muscles' shape and definition. Eat a low-fat, low-sugar diet and stay regular on the weights to maintain muscle size.

When you engage in an aerobic activity, be careful not to burn off your precious muscle. Target only fat-burning. This is where opinions differ on what is best. I tend to rely on the studies done several years ago which proved that the human body does not burn fat until it has engaged in a nonstop aerobic activity at its target range for a minimum of 20 minutes. You burn water glycogen, muscle and fat during this activity, but each can be burned at different times for different lengths of time. I tell people to look at the overall differences between a marathon runner and a sprinter. They both have cut muscles, but the sprinter has more muscle mass and a fuller-shaped physique. The marathon runner has a very lean, lightly muscled physique which is the direct result of aerobic activity executed far into muscle-burning and way past fat-burning.

The total time for a cutting-up aerobic program should be 30 to 45 minutes done five to seven days a week in your target heart range, nonstop. This time includes a five-minute warmup and cool-down. When I am preparing for a show I do a 30-minute session in the a.m. before breakfast and a 30-minute session in the p.m. before dinner I don't recommend keeping this pace up for more than four weeks. Remember, you eventually will burn muscle once the fat is gone, so watch your body closely and work with the gradual results.

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