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How important are genetics in building a good drug-free physique? Genetics, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on what you've inherited, play a major role in your potential to develop a good physique. This is true of everyone, drug-free or drug-using. Genetics determine all sorts of things that you can't influence at all, including your height, the shape and fullness of your muscle bellies, the ability to grow rapidly and the size of your joints, among other characteristics.

Some people in the gym refuse to believe how important the genetic factor is if you want to become one of bodybuilding's elite. To put it simply, you need good genetics, enough time devoted to training, knowledge of proper nutrition-and, if you're competing in non-tested shows, the right drugs. What does it take to become the very best drug-free bodybuilder? Good genetics, enough time devoted to training and knowledge of proper nutrition-in other words, exactly the same factors, minus the drugs.

There is one particular Mr. Natural whatever who, by his own admission, is a former drug user. He did poorly in non-tested contests. Frustrated, he decided to go drug- free and enter tested contests only He did well until the NPC started organizing drug-tested events. Then he didn't even make the top 15 at the '94 Team Universe Championships, the NPC's natural nationals. He promptly bashed the contest and the contestants, saying he knew for sure that those guys weren't clean.

He also said that some contestants intentionally cheated the drug tests by using clenbuterol and growth hormone, which are banned substances, what he failed to mention is that the two methods used for testing at the event included lie-detector tests.

If he didn't have good enough genetics to become the very best when he used drugs, what made him think he could be a drug-free champion? It's genetics, not drugs, that separate the best from the rest when all things are equal. Believe me, there will always be someone bigger, stronger and better than you. Regardless of your genetic potential, though, you can build a better physique if you use proper training and nutrition.

Real body-building is about being the very best you can be. I've seen many people who have the potential to be awesome bodybuilders (including my brother) but who have no desire to devote themselves to it. Becoming the very best requires tremendous dedication, focus and desire. Stick with your commitment to staying drug-free. All the drugs in the world won't make you Mr. Olympia-and maybe not even Mr. Anytown USA- but you can develop your physique to its full potential.

What exercises do you use to develop thickness?

I do a lot of very heavy rowing movements. My back workout is an intense hour of eight exercises performed for two to three sets each, and five of the eight are rowing movements. These include dumbbell rows, barbell rows, T-bar rows, close-grip pulldowns and low-pulley rows. This approach goes against my usual technique of limiting the volume of work, but my back was a major weakness when I started out, sot devote a lot of time to it.

Also, '90 AAU Mr. America Pete Miller said once that you must do a lot of exercises for your back because it contains so many different muscles. I tried this approach, and it worked for me. After warming up sufficiently, I lift the heaviest weight possible, day in and day out. I know I'm using the right poundage if I can get at least four good reps-but no more than six. If I can't do at least four, I lighten the weight somewhat.

If I can do more than six, it's time to add iron.

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