Edamame Soybeans Nutritional Health Benefits - Is Soy Truly Beneficial?

Edamame Health Benefits

There are Numerous Nutritious Options for a Successful Bodybuilding Meal

In general, it is usually written that soy is a bad protein source and should be avoided - whether this is true is still fully unclear. Since most bodybuilders strive to get freakishly large, should they avoid eating edamame soybeans because of their soy protein content? Let's take a closer look and find out what the result show.

First, we need to clear up that soy is truly a "bad protein source." The point fitFLEX strives to make is that soy protein might not be the optimal protein choice for building muscle. That doesn't mean you must avoid soy. We simply believe, based on research and on hundreds of observations and comments from readers, that milk-source proteins make the best muscle-building powders.

What might concern bodybuilders is the soy content in protein supplements they consume. Bodybuilders add protein shakes and powders to their diets for the purpose of building muscle - not simply to add calories, supplement their nutrient intake or fill themselves up, even though these may be secondary benefits. Therefore, they should choose protein supplements best suited for accomplishing that goal. Whey protein is ideal postworkout; other protein sources, such as casein and egg, are excellent for those times when a slower-releasing protein is called for. If most of the protein in your supplements comes from soy, that's something you might want to rethink.

As for eating soy foods, there are no negative bodybuilding effects. Edamame soybeans are terrific for bodybuilders on low-carb diets. They are high in fiber, healthy fats and protein. Few other plant foods can make that claim. (Some brands are salted, however, so if salt is a consideration for you, check labels.) Edamame soybeans make a great snack food, or they can be used as a vegetable side dish with fish, chicken or even sushi (or sashimi) as your main source of protein.

Although bodybuilding can be a sport of aesthetic extremes, the best route to success is often consistency, moderation and balance. That's particularly true when applied to nutrition. Eat all that you need to grow, and eat a variety of foods that meet your needs for protein, healthy fats and complex carbs - plus water, of course - and you'll be well on your way to the extremes you seek.

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