The Fasting Diet: Information on Fasting and the Risks You Take

Fasting Diet

Fasting Can Have it Fair Share of Risk if Weight Loss if the Goal

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Some people have reported to find fasting to be calming. Fasting, they claim, has brought them into focus and made them better aware of their body. We must ask ourselves, however, how dangerous is it do this? Many religions call for occasional fasting for 24-hour periods as part of a ritual of prayer and introspection. As long as you are healthy, there shouldn't be any problem with this.

Many people fast for extended periods in order to cleanse their bodies, however, a practice that's based on an unfounded belief and that's potentially dangerous. There's no evidence that the insides of our bodies are dirty or that they require regular cleansing to remove wastes or toxins.

In the past fasting was used as a medical treatment for severe obesity but not today. In fact, we now believe that it may be detrimental to your health to fast for more than a day under any circumstances. Severe calorie restriction and fasting cause a drop in the metabolic rate that makes it easier for you by Eric Sternlscht, Ph. Li to regain the weight you lost once the fasting period ends. So unless you're fasting for spiritual reasons, it's best to abstain from this practice and stick to a healthier eating plan when you're trying to reduce.

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