Glute Training for Women - Good Glutes Exercises

Glute Training

Dedication and Drive are Key for Fitness Goals

In fitness and figure competitions, and in everyday life for those that like to stay in shape, good glutes are absolutely imperative. However, as many women often find out, is that they're not always that easy to develop. First, in order to be successful, you need to have the perfect combination of female bodyfat and nice developed muscle in that area to give the best shape without appearing too hard or square. Sexy, round glutes are the best in my book! Tall, tight and round - the perfect rear end.

Most women don't need to work too hard to develop the quad muscles before they have developed the perfect glutes. Squats will develop both glutes and quads successfully. Depending on your genetics, one of these groups will usually develop before the other I have noticed that in women with any kind of sports or dance background the quads blossom first from past years of work. Now you have to target-train your glutes without growing quads. It's actually a pain in the butt to do!

You 're gonna have to get glute-specific, to get the results you need! That means exercises such as lunges - on the Smith machine, in place with dumbbells, lunge-walking across the gym, and reverse lunging (stepping backward instead of the normal forward lead into the motion). You need to become the lunge queen of your gym. Add some stiff legged deadlifts, lower back hyperextensions and hamstring isolaters, and you're set.

You will also need to back off the heavy squatting and do more reps there, adding the sissy squat more often. It also wouldn't hurt to try roller blading as your new form of aerobic activity and by the Versa-climber machine more often. Glute training is hard, but I'm sure you and anybody else reading this who wants great, sexy glutes will be more than happy to give it all a shot to see the "end" results!

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