New Research Shows Kidney Beans May Aid in Fat Loss

Kidney Beans

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Although it may not he a good thing for your next dinner party, loading up on kidney beans in the privacy of your own home could help in your quest for that lean physique So much for that caffeine-ephedrine-aspirin stack.

Two studies, both done at the Rowett Research Institute in the United Kingdom, examined the effects of beans on body composition in rats. In the first study, long-term consumption of diets containing small amounts of kidney beans significantly improved the rodents body composition. These animals bad less total body fat and a higher proportion of muscle and protein than control rats not fed kidney beans.

In a similar study, A Pusztai, et al, looked at the effects of raw kidney bean in genetically obese Zucker rats. These animals are almost the size of cats hut are so far, they move as little as possible. So, outside of liposuction, it takes a hit of effort to improve the body composition of these furry critters. After feeding two groups of these rats either low- or high-fat diets containing raw kidney beans for 10 and 70 days, the researchers found that the rats fed kidney beans in a low-fat diet (0.1 grams or less per pound bodyweight) had 18% less body fat than a control group that didn't receive kidney beans.

Similar results occurred even in the rats on a high-fat diet. Furthermore. body fat was lost without any loss of body protein. Translated into human terms, that's like eating 18 grams or two-thirds ounce of kidney beans if you weighed 200 pounds - probably more raw beans than you'd normally eat hut, over the course of an entire day it would be relatively easy to consume that amount. Now before you go out and bean load, we aren't sure if this effect can lie duplicated in humans Although rats can provide important information about general physiology rat nutrition isn't identical to human nutrition. Would the inclusion of kidney beans and/or other unprocessed foods such as legumes, vegetables and fruit have a similar positive effect on body composition in humans?

Is the "magic" ingredient in kidney beans (scientists suspect the component called lectin capable of inducing fat loss in humans? Or would those individuals who consume a lot of unprocessed foods (which, of course, would constitute a healthier diet than eating lots of processed foods) also tend to engage in healthier behaviors (such as getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, etc.)? Either way. including kidney beans in your overall dietary scheme wouldn't hurt. Combining kidney beans with rice can actually provide a full complement of the essential amino acids (1 like to throw in a little chicken for insurance).

According to the scientists who conducted these bean experiments, the take-home message is the: "It may be possible to use the bean lectin as a dietary adjunct or therapeutic agent to stimulate gut function anti ameliorate obesity if a sate and effective dose-range can be established fur human subjects". Beans.. they may do your body good.

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