Mind over Muscle: Improve Your Focus and Enhance Results in the Gym

Mind over Muscle

Gain Progressive Results in your Fitness with Mental Focus


What is it about today's bodybuilding champions that enables them to improve every year? Is it genetics? Drugs? Super vitamins? Spiritual powers? While there's no doubt that having good genes is a definite asset in the quest for muscular superiority, it merely gives you the potential for success. It does not necessarily guarantee it.

In fact, genetics work synergistically with several other essential factors, which means that they interact, invariably promoting superior results. My extensive work with world champions over the years has convinced me that the common attribute all those successful people possess is positive mental focus an indomitable state of mind that fuses confidence, faith and intense desire to surmount obstacles and achieve a goal. The champions stand from the also-rans because they steadfastly refuse to accept the possibility of defeat. With the image of success constantly etched in their awareness, they are motivated, driven individuals who will not let anything stand between them and their ultimate objective.

The champs have developed the ability to see and feel the victory that's within their grasp, and all of their senses are attuned - in fact, programmed - to this expectation of success. Consequently, their every training action is directed toward creating this piercing vision of accomplishment. Developing this type of focus will greatly enhance the results you can get with any type of training program.

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