Fear of Success? Natural Drug-Free Training Requires Sensible Advice

Natural Training

Set a Goal and Keep Pushing Towards it with Every Workout

The negative comments concerning drug-free bodybuilding and those associated with it have convinced me that many people are scared to death. They're frightened because they've spent tremendous amounts of time, energy and money pushing chemical bodybuilding-and only chemical bodybuilding-and now the sport is spawning an anti-drug movement that's becoming powerful.

Well, you can calm down. This new surge in popularity of drug-free bodybuilding doesn't mean the end of non-drug-tested events-at least not yet. All bodybuilders, drug-free or not, enjoy seeing out-of-this-world physiques. So chemical-aided bodybuilding will continue because at this time freaky development and chemicals go hand in hand-at least for most bodybuilders. I do believe that this will eventually change. I'm convinced it's possible to build truly impressive mass without steroids. The key is that we have to have more bodybuilders experimenting with drug-free training.

Steroids have made it much easier to build impressive muscle size, and this has all but frozen the pursuit of scientific training. Once a seasoned bodybuilder hits a plateau, rather than trying to break it with logical, scientific training, he or she will more often than not take the quicker, easier route-steroids.

To be quite frank, when you take drugs, almost any type of resistance training stimulates muscle growth. We often forget this fact. Bodybuilders read how their favorite champs train and then follow their routines to the letter. The forgotten element, of course, is the designer pharmaceuticals that make the champs' methods effective.

If you follow the champs' routines and you don't take drugs, frustration is inevitable. It makes much more sense to use your intelligence, sensible training advice and the results - or lack of them - you get to guide the evolution of your training, not the recommendations of someone whose chemically altered recovery ability has distorted his or her perception of correct training.

The more clean bodybuilders there are who are trying new training and nutrition strategies, the more likely we are to discover the mass-training protocols that work best without the steroid crutch-and we'll begin to see drug-free physiques with mass and density that rival those of today's pros. This need for discovery is the very reason you see a variety of approaches in the pages of many muscle magazines on the store shelves today. They don't discount any ideas, because one of them may be the key that unlocks incredible muscle gains for you. In my opinion, every bodybuilder is a researcher and every new training routine a muscle-building experiment.

Don't give up, don't be afraid to try new approaches in the gym, and don't succumb to the lure of steroids. With a little luck and intelligence perhaps you'll discover the formula that helps you build Olympian size and strength without drugs. And even if you don't, your persistent efforts will unquestionably pay off big with muscle size that amazes the average person.

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